8 Vital Areas You Need On Your Business Website

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Avoid the common mistakes that many business website experiences and learn the 8 vital areas you should include on your business website today.
8 Vital Website Sections

Websites can do a ton of dope things and display media and content in various ways. However, today we will be dissecting what makes a business website pop and what you should never leave out – regardless of your industry.

How you display these items will completely depend on you and what is common sense for your audience. The last thing you want your website to do is frustrate people. Keep it focused, relevant, clean, and entertaining enough that people want to stay and explore.

Why Does It Matter What I Include on My Business Website?

Your website, especially if used for business, is often the first glimpse that your audience will have into your business & your brand – and hopefully on your own terms. That’s why it’s important to include specific information that everyone will be looking for on your website that will allow them to get to know you and navigate with ease to the answers they are looking for.

8 Vital Website SectionsYour website is there to give information about your business to your audience with very specific detail. You want to ensure that it's laser-focused and directed to your audience in such a way it makes them feel understood and safe at the same time. With that end goal in mind, it's essential to include the following elements on your business website.

Let's go through the 8 vital areas your business website should always include, especially since 2019.

8 Vital Areas You Need On Your Business Website: 2019 Edition

  • Unique Content – Yeah, it seems like a no-brainer but many people get stumped here. Your content consists of all the information you put on your website, from blog posts to the about page. Images, forms, contextual information, the actual words on a “submit” button and more are all considered content, and all opportunities to appeal to your ideal client. The more you can direct everything toward that client, the more positive results you’re going to have.
  • Overview of Benefits – A list of benefits of your offerings someplace or in many places on your website is a great thing to include. Your audience should leave your site totally understanding the benefits of your offerings, without having to question anything.
  • Contact Information – Some people seem to want to hide their contact information. This is a no-no for any business, especially Solopreneurs. Don't follow some major companies and play “Find the Queen” with your contact info. Make it easy. Use your ‘Contact Me' page to offer multiple ways that your audience can contact you, including a phone number, email form or address (that a human will respond from), social media pages and more. Don’t hide; be open.
  • Simple Navigation – Nothing is worse than not being able to figure out how to get around a website. If you want your audience to not only stick to your website but also to use it to its full potential, make the navigation easy to understand and intuitive to your audience.
  • Comments Section – Whether via blog posts or an entirely new page for comments, make it easy for your audience to comment and read comments from others. This is a wonderful use of website space, especially because user-generated content is loved by search engines.
  • Clear CTAs – Don’t be shy when it comes to calls to action. Your audience has no idea what to do unless you tell them. Make your CTAs super clear and try to limit them to one or two per page of your website so that they don’t get confused about what to do.
  • Special Offers – A great way to draw people to read more information on your website is to always include some sort of special offer to new visitors. You can use plugins to time offerings as well as to only offer them to new visitors. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty.
  • Email Newsletter/Updates Subscription – Don’t let your visitors leave without offering them the ability to get updated about your offerings in the form of a newsletter or email list. You can also offer a Rewards Club rather than the “standard” newsletter to send special discounts and offers to your loyal participants. Pop-unders and sliders are very common today because they work. Consider adding them to your business website for maximum impact.
  • Privacy, GDPR, & Cookie Policies – As we've welcomed 2019 and a slew of online scams and heartaches Privacy Policies are no longer a suggested option. Thanks to the UK and California there are governed laws dictating the requirements of these policies to be live on your website and easily displayed and located. No longer a Google Myth, as of the Fall of 2019 Cookie Policies were and any other disclaimers disclosing the capture and use of website users data must be given. Checked boxes on forms must not be pre-checked and all users must be given the option to opt-out of data capture or be removed easily and immediately from newsletters and all email notifications. So don't get caught out on that lonely ledge of defiance and get hemmed up with a hefty fine.

The Rundown

Adding these elements to your business website will make your site work that much better within your marketing and sales strategy. Just remember to frame everything you do in terms of how your audience thinks and feels rather than how you think and feel.

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