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Branding Solopreneurs & positioning you for success is our mission. Helping you transform clicks into profit is our passion.

What we do

Valuable solutions for your business!
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Expanding <em><strong>Possibilities</strong></em>

Don't be scared to turn your dreams into reality. We'll help you launch your business today.

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Helping it all <em><strong>make sense</strong></em>

Once you launch your business, learn to maintain it. Stop spinning in circles. We'll help you get organized & focused. From branding to website development to reputation marketing, we've got you covered.
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Empowering <em><strong>Solopreneurs</strong></em>

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure if you're running your business properly? Stop stressing. Just because you're a Solopreneur, doesn't mean you have to do this alone.
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Branding Consultation

Understanding your business and brand is a priority. We start here & gain perspective.

Brand Building

Get your identity out there, and stay in touch with your community. Display your authentic identity, while building a profitable business.

Brand Development

From creating your assets, to building your website. Developing your brand is a process.

Reputation Marketing

From video to graphics, market your reputation before you have to manage it.

What we do
Personalized solutions for your business!
<strong>01</strong> Consultation
This is the information gathering stage. During our consultation with you let us know what's on your mind and what ideas you may have. Now is a great time to let us know what you've seen in the market that has caught your attention and we'll talk about how to use something similar for your own brand.
<strong>02</strong> Research & Build
Using the information we've collected during our consultation phase we begin to research the plausibility of using some, or all, of your ideas in your business. We then begin to build your roadmap.
<strong>03</strong> Execute & Test
We get your roadmap out to your audience and test which proven methods work specifically for you. Whichever shines we keep those and remove the rest from your plan. We hone in on the best methods for your brand and finalize your roadmap.

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Let’s Make <strong><em>Things Better</em></strong>


Brand Consulting


Reputation Marketing


Web Design & Development


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Our <strong><em>Values</em></strong>

If you won't invest in your brand, why should anyone else? We believe that you get out of your business and brand what you put in and you should always be focused on business over B.S.

Our <strong><em>Philosophy</em></strong>

Because we're Solopreneurs doesn't mean we have to do this alone. Networking should go beyond collecting names and business cards. Take action to build your Power Crew & Support Network today.

Our <strong><em>Mission</em></strong>

Getting you branded, is our mission. Helping you transform clicks into profit is our passion.


What our<em><strong> clients say</strong></em>

When Charlene called me about my online reputation I thought I was ahead of the game. In 30 days she's helped me better understand my position in my market and takes care of requesting reviews from my customers without being pushy about it. Jessica

Charlene was attentive to the needs of my company to build an incredible website for us. I've had the pleasure of having several logos created for various businesses and she keeps up with the current technology that will help us perform well online. Tyrone

I enjoyed working with Charlene to help me not only get my website up and running, but to help me create a brand that was unique and helped me share my message to my clients. Amelia

If you won't invest in your brand & business, why should anyone else?
Charlene Brown

Bklyn Custom Designs

It's easy for concepts to get lost in visual translation.

Bklyn Custom Designs works with YOU to improve the visibility and profitability of your online business while presenting the best image that represents you, your community, & the company you envisioned.

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