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When you need to better understand what to expect from your site, an appraisal is the best place to start.

We go through an appraisal with you and have a strategy for improvement for you when we're complete.

Stop struggling with your site and apply below for your website appraisal today.

Bkln Custom Designs offers you website appraisal services

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It's time to understand who this website appraisal is meant for. No longer is the struggle required to be successful in your business. We'll take your site on a deep exploration so you can improve to fit who you are and not what you pretend to be.

You're ready for this appraisal if:


Make sure that your message isn't lost in your design. Bad design causes folks to break out & not come back. Learn what to change.


Have you missed out on creating a clear information structure for your website? Don't frustrate search engines. Get clear.


Your website isn't reliable because you failed to set it up that way. Stop guessing and know how to get them to convert.


Visitors not staying on long enough? Perhaps they are unable to properly use your site. Learn how to be ADA compliant & increase usability now.


Make sure that you are keeping your visitors safe from hackers & that you're in compliance with GDPR.


Unsure what to expect with website support? We'll help you stay vigilant on how to manage what you've built.

Yo, can't copy the content of this site.

Struggle Site Rescue

Stop being embarrassed & frustrated with your website.
Time to let us rescue your Struggle Site!

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Struggle Site Rescue


Stop being frustrated & embarrassed by your site

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