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Launching your Brand shouldn't be difficult or stressful, especially with tech.

At Bklyn Custom Design my team & I get your complete brand created for you so that you all have the required pieces you need to run your business with ease.

Still Struggling To Pull Things Together?

You thought launching your business online would help minimize the drama or starting a business. Unfortunately, you seem to be losing steam and hitting roadblocks every where you turn.

We can help you with your struggle.

Get Out of the Tech Struggle

We work to get all of your branding elements created so that to have the basics of what you need to get started & have others help you.

We all get busy but there's no reason why your brand should remain outdated & disconnected with your audience or technology.

That's where we come in!

We've helped Solopreneurs not only launch their websites, but reconnect their brands with their audiences.

From concept to reality, launching your brand should be a complete process & we help you get that handled.

Need a customized branding solution? Hit us up with some details and we'll help you get launched!

Choose One of Our Branding Kits

Want to get your branding created & Launched? Check out some of our pre-packaged branding solutions below:

bcd branding kit

The Starter

Need just the basics of what can help you create a branding message and package? Start here!


Level Up

You've got your message and now you need to level up your business. Jump in here!


Bossed Up

You're ready to boss-up your branding & take your business a step further. Roll up here!

The Onyx

Your ready to showcase your brand like the precious gem it is. Slide in here to get started today!

What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

About the lead Techie Behind BCD

Here's a little about me, Charlene, founder or Bklyn Custom Designs & Video Promos Concierge, & why I'm excited to help you get your Branding together & launched!

Charlene Brown

Founder Full Stack Developer Lead Creative Author

Charlene Brown  helps her clients launch functional, responsive WordPress websites.

A woman of many hats, she strives to excel at all that she does, especially for her clients.

Creative Branding Strategist Web Designer Web Developer Graphic Designer Video Producer Solopreneur Author

As founder and CEO of Bklyn Custom Designs, LLC, assisting Solopreneurs, like you, get beyond the tech is Charlene's mission. Guiding you to transform clicks into profit is her passion.

With almost two decades of experience in web design and development, branding, graphic design, & promo video creation allows Charlene to support Solopreneurs who know the importance and vitality of proper branding to their companies but are overwhelmed with the amount of work & technology it takes to accomplish this.

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