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Learn why having a Branding & Business Coach will help you transform your life!

Hey there fellow Solopreneur!

Seems like everywhere you look these days, someone is either working with or working as a business coach – or maybe both. It might appear to be just the latest trend in online business models, but the truth is, business coaches often mean the difference between profit and loss for an entrepreneur.

Even the CEOs of the world's top companies work with coaches, so clearly you can gain from it yourself.

The trouble is, there is so much misinformation online about what a business coach is that it can be hard for a new (or even established) business owner to know exactly how to hire a coach – or even if she needs one at all!

In this five-part mini-training, I'm giving you all the information you need to be an informed consumer when it's time to hire your first coach.

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We'll talk about…

  • How business coaches work, and why hiring one is often the best thing you can do to grow your business.
  • What you need to do before you hire a business coach to ensure you get the best possible results – skip this step and you're just throwing money away!
  • How to choose the coach that's right for you. There's more to it than just calling up the coach you met at that conference last year.
  • What to expect from your first coaching session – and what probably won't happen.
  • Moving forward – Making the most of your coaching relationship by staying focused and on target – and how to continue to learn from your coach long after your active sessions have stopped.

Business coaches have helped thousands of Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs turn their small business into profitable, sustainable careers and brands. Is it time you thought about hiring a business coach?

Is it time you thought about hiring your own business coach?

Register to join this short mini-training and find out for yourself.

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