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Are you trying to build a WordPress website for your business on your own but need guidance?
Need someone to build a High-quality WordPress website for you that meets your price range?
Do you require something fixed or improved on your current site and want someone with the proper skills and expertise to complete the job? No hassles?
Are you missing the confidence that your site is secure for clients?

We at Bklyn Custom Designs offer all this and much, much more!

We are web consultants specializing in developing secure WordPresse-commerce solutions for solopreneurs and small businesses.

We provide professional, personalized service, support, plus much, much more.

Our clients are amazing and extremely important and building long-term partnerships with our clients, getting to understand their needs, and what they do so we can help them succeed is our primary goal.

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It's best practice to know, when starting a web development & design project, what the average price or estimated costs are going to be. You want to get as close as possible so that you keep your budget reasonable. We use Base Flat Rate Fees with most projects and encourage clients to always have a sensible budget in mind.

We also appreciate clients who identify items they want changed, even after we have started a project. However, in order to facilitate the needs of these clients we have hourly billing process for such situations.

For all customized (non-out-of-the-box themes) websites, all payments are non-refundable. In order to begin work on customized websites, all clients are required to pay in full for websites. A 2-payment plan is available – on automatic payment only and PayPal Credit is available.

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We specialize in WordPress Solutions!

Learn which packages will help you launch your business and contact us for more information on our branding and packages only for Angie's List members.

Our Response To Requests For Work On Spec

Need More Details?

Need Expert Personal Support?

Via Skype or Email15 minute Block of Time – We help guide you through your DIY project or do all the work for you.

Cost: $75.00 per 1/4 hour or 15 minutes – If you buy a 2-hour block in advance you save 15% off.

Seeking Expedited Emergency Help?

We also realize there are times you need help in emergency situations, because stuff happens, so we have a process to help you too.

Cost: $95.00 per 1/4 hour or 15 minutes – If you buy a 2-hour block in advance you save 15% off.

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