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Who to Hire:
Web Designer vs. Developer

Need to hire a pro but unsure who you need? Check out our Who to Hire workbook and learn the difference and where you might need help.

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Time to stop struggling. Figure out the difference between a website designer & developer.

You have a project that you want to tackle but you're just not sure who to hire. This Workbook is for you if:

  • you are unclear on the differences between a website designer and developer
  • you feel stuck on how to decide which pro to hire
Learn who to hire: website designer vs developer
Charlene V. Brown Supporting Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions

Charlene V. Brown

The Brand Misfit

Charlene loves helping six-figure Business Women get beyond the tech & align their websites to their businesses for increased conversions, profitability, sustainability, & and growth.
Charlene removes tech frustrations so you don’t miss conversion opportunities. All while you focus on what you love most about your business.
Here's to your Level Up & you being Launch-Ready!.

My goal is help your website strategy match your Level Up. Together I want us to not only achieve your website conversion goals, but find sustainable ways to have your website support your business financial goals for long-term success & evolution as part of your marketing foundation.

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