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Episode #01

Do You Need A Website?

Too often the Solopreneurs are told “you don't need a website.” Get the rundown on if you really need one for your business and brand.

Here's the episode where we talk about if you need a website to transform clicks to profit as a Solopreneur.

Hey now Solopreneur! Today we get into the Evergreen debate of do you really need a website. Short answer – Hell yeah!

Not only are we diving into the why, we’re getting into how to determine what’s best for your brand and how to level up with tech so you can build what your brand needs. Let’s roll!

Why You Need A Website

You’ve decided to launch your business and you know you need an online presence – the issue is should you create a website or jump in & focus on building a social media presence instead? The short answer is you need a dang website – social media be damn if you have no stable place to send folks.

As a website developer it may seem simple for me to say “get a website” but there is a deeper reason to my strong recommendation.

What’s Your Purpose?

Whenever you’re building an online presence you need to truly understand the purpose behind being online. What is the true reason you want folks to connect with you? As important as that question is it still shocks me how many potential clients never take the time to think that through. Too many Solopreneurs fail to think about what they expect from their online presence. After putting in all that work on social media or building an email list – what are you truly expecting from people?

What keeps you going?

There are tons of reason why folks get websites created. The majority of use search online for more information about the businesses or people we consider doing business with. If you don’t have a website you could risk losing business but if you put time and effort into building a stable online home, you could edge out your competition. Simply having a website isn't the solution for any company, but we’ll get into that later.

Do you need a website episode for Transform Clicks To Profit: The Podcast

You’re Ultimate Marketing Tool

Overall your website can be your ultimate marketing tool when planned and set up properly. You can reach potential clients beyond your immediate location and you can control what type of advertisements are displayed on your own website — no more competing with other businesses for perspective clients’ attention. Your local business can become an International success without you traveling.

Automate Your Business

In addition to everything I’ve just mentioned, you can also be in the best position to automate what you do through your website and save yourself time and money in the process.

From asking orders to speaking with customers, you can have automated systems strategically in place to handle many of the repetitive things that can take your attention away from other valuable processes.

You get to decide how you want to work with clients and how you want them to interact with you. No BS algorithms to figure out – it’s your website!

Distribute What You Want, How You Want

Next, you get to decide what, how, and when you want to distribute content to people who visit your website. From audio to video and everything else in between, you can call the shots on what you create and how your website visitors can access everything. Free or paid you call the shots.

The Cheap Comes Out Expensive

At the end of the day you need to figure out how much time and money you should expect to invest in your website and ultimately your business. The cheap comes out expensive and you need to decide on how long it will take before you see a return of your investment. How many sales will you need to make through your website? How can these sales help you maintain your website without losing focus or becoming outdated. Will all the effort be worth it? You ultimately decide.

Maybe your website is only for fun and not profit; that will ultimately help you decide if you DIY this venture or hire a pro. How much time are you willing to invest in learning all the Tech updates and design elements that are required to transform clicks to profit for your brand?

Be Realistic

Ultimately you should always think about why you are creating your website and what your visitors want from it.

Whatever your goals may be, keep things realistic. No website is a miracle cure for a crappy business plan or lack thereof. This is not Field of Dreams and no, they will not flock to your website simply because you built it. Building your website is only half the battle. A piece of the puzzle to your overall business & brand strategy. Actively maintaining and promoting your website is very real and vital to it all.

The Final Rundown

So the bottom-line – should you even have a website? Hell yeah if you want to maintain relevancy and build your business and brand beyond your local community.

Tune in next time as we get into if you should DIY or invest in a Pro to build out your website as well as if researching & collecting feedback will help you launch a site worth promoting.

Show Notes

0:55 • Why You Need A Website
1:26 • What’s Your Purpose?
2:31 • You’re Ultimate Marketing Tool
3:01 • Automate Your Business
3:39 • Distribute What You Want, How You Want
4:01 • The Cheap Comes Out Expensive
5:00 • Be Realistic
5:47 • The Final Rundown

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