Your main list is something you’re always working on and something you always want to continue to grow. Today we’ll take a look at a fun new way to grow your main list, while also creating a targeted smaller list.

This strategy is great when you have some content to share but it may not apply to the majority of your readers. Also, when you’re out there in various Facebook groups or guest blogging on various sites that cater to a small sub-segment of your main list, consider this tactic.

I just started working with this strategy, so whenever I get tired of working on my main topic or for my main niche, I tap into this. It’s fun to write something different from time to time.

This allows me to do that while still making progress with my main business.

Feed Your FUNnel(s)

The idea is that you set up a small, more targeted list that will also feed into your main list. Here’s an example to illustrate. Let’s say your niche is home gardening. You talk about all sorts of gardening topics with your list.

A portion of your readers and your target audience is very interested in worm composting. You found a great worm composting group on Facebook and a few blogs written by worm composting enthusiasts who will gladly accept a couple of guest blog posts.

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Don't Forget To Dedicate Your Opt-ins

Next, you set up a dedicated opt-in page, list, and lead magnet for people interested in worm composting. Your lead magnet could be a short report that shows someone how to get started for under $20.

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As you interact and write guest blog articles for people interested in worm composting, you send them to this new opt-in page. Since it’s highly targeted, you should see a good conversion.


When someone signs up for this new list, they are also added to your main dating for teachers list.

You continue to mail your main dating for teachers list as usual, but when you have some great dating and romance content to share, or come across a great deal for a romantic getaway on Trivago, you’ll send that to only your dating for teachers.

The Rundown

Do you see how this works now? It’s as fun as it is effective.

So come up with a couple of your own specialized sub-topics that you may want to create small lists for. Set them up, write a few autoresponder emails for them and start driving targeted traffic to them.

Rinse and repeat as you come across other interesting topics.

Before you know it, you’ll have a nice list of highly targeted lists that you know a lot about (and you'll know exactly what type of content and what offers they are interested in) while also growing your main list.

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