How Automation is Saving My Time, Money, & SANITY


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How Automation is Saving My Time, Money, and Sanity


If you’re like me and rock your biz as a Solopreneur you probably can relate to the following:

  • Struggling to keep yourself and clients on track;
  • You and your clients are wondering if projects are completed;
  • Not sure if emails were sent, opened, read, or responded to;
  • Sifting through tons of emails to track down responses and/or files;
  • Not sure when was the last time you spoke to a lead;
  • Unable to onboard staff and/or VAs to help you in your business; and/or
  • Taking a vacation/break from your business feels like an impossible dream

Struggling Just Managing My Business

After I invested financially in improving how I operated, I need to now invest the time to learn how to best use the system for my own business.

Charlene V. Brown, Full-Stack Web Developer & Brand Consultant

Juggling various platforms to handle your invoices, project, client, & file management, team progress, email outreach, and biz backend processes 2019 was a breaking point for me because I just wasn’t feeling the task of tracking down clients and wondering what they were doing or if they received and viewed contracts, etc. I needed a solid place to not only speak to my clients but also manage their files and overall progress through my system.

Shyt, my system needed a dang system.

Recognizing I Needed Help

I heard about a few systems and tried most of them out of desperation. Then I heard about Dubsado and things just looked and felt different.

I was hoping it was then simply another pretty face. I needed this bad boy to be highly functional and RELIABLE!

So I invested (you know how I feel about investing in yourself) and I put my processes in writing and began mapping out what I needed this system to handle.

Investing More Than Money

After I invested financially in improving how I operated, I need to now invest the time to learn how to best use the system for my own business. Once I got my process cleared out and written out into a legible framework, I started watching everything Dubsado did on Youtube and even watched some key folks like Krystal Clark who mastered the system.

Once the COVID drama hit early 2020 that forced me to sit down and actually start plugging into the system and making it work in my business.
So once I had my process down, I had to begin creating the packages, emails, and assets that needed to all accompany each other so they could all be delivered at the appropriate times.

This is very critical to me as it allows me to level up in my business, brand, & purpose and focus on serving my clients more effectively while my automated system works efficiently in the backend.

How Using Automation Helped Save My Time, Money, and SANITY

All Systems A Go and I'm Geeked!

The first time my emails were going out to clients I was so geeked out & I still am! All because I knew I finally found a system that was doing, not only what I wanted, but what I NEEDED it to do.

From start to finish I can comfortably funnel clients and prospects into my world without feeling bootlegged and disconnected.

My file collection, delivery systems, project tracking are all in one place so not only myself but clients can follow the entire project from on-boarding to off-boarding and feel like there are transparency and cohesive flow.

The Final Rundown

I am so excited about having Dubsado as part of my toolkit and I can’t wait to level up even more as my business and brand grow!!

If you want to stop struggling & start leveling up your business & brand – level up your system!

Dubsado has been a game-changer for Bklyn Custom Designs! Try it out (or another automated system) for yourself! Either way, get some automation in your life & business so you too can stop struggling.!

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