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The Resources Vault

The Purpose of the Vault

The FREE Solopreneur Resources Vault is an exclusive opportunity to Solopreneurs ready to take their branding & business to the next level. Here you can access all the free resources that I have created & curated to compliment some of the blog articles I've written & there are exclusive discounts just for SRL VIPs.

You'll find these nowhere else!

As an SRL VIP you'll automatically be part of the Branding Solopreneurs' Tribe (BST) but not the other way around. If you're a BST Member you'll need to join SRL to gain access to these Exclusive offers.

Why Join?

Seriously, the FREE Solopreneur Resources Vault is the ultimate way for Solopreneurs like yourself to build their branding & business toolkits with proven strategies and shortcuts to help accelerate your efforts.

Why go through the ringer, stress, and drama when you can learn about the pitfalls based on the experiences of others such as myself.

Unless you enjoy Struggle Stress, you don't have to go through the Solopreneur Journey alone.

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What's Inside?

When you join SRL you get lifetime access to all the current and future free resources that we create.

These include the following & much, much more…

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Need just the basics of what can help you create a branding message and package? Start here!

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Mini Workshops

You've got your message and now you need to level up your business. Jump in here!

Solopreneur resoure Library: Planners and Workbooks


You're ready to boss-up your branding & take your business a step further. Roll up here!

Solopreneur Resources Kits

Resource Kits

Your ready to showcase your brand like the precious gem it is. Slide in here to get started today!

FAQs You Should Know

Do I need a website ?

Why is a website important to my business? Websites can become your business's 24/7 advertisement. Whether you have no employees or lead a crew of many; your website can help speak volumes for you and your business with little effort on your part.

Do you accept all types of projects ?

With no regret, we inform you that we do not work with companies dealing in harmful, unlawful, or questionable material. If it is found that your material is indeed or becomes questionable in nature, you will find that future services with this “entity” will be denied, as well as any link associated with this website, entity, etc will become non-existent.

If you have a question not listed here, please submit that question (I may include it), call or email us and I will definitely proceed to supply an answer!

What is your refund policy ?

No refunds for products; Depends on the type of service. Due to the nature of our work & products, refunds are only offered based on the fulfillment of specific terms stated in the agreement as follows…

  • “Client” can request an annual agreement review @ the 6th-month to assess usability/coverage of updating services; Cancellation of an annual agreement will require a 7th-month payment to opt out; additional updates require a new annual agreement at any new rates or at the “as needed” current per month rate
  • Non-payment on all invoiced projects 30 days after invoicing will increase $79. Project termination occurs @ 45 days (Future services may be denied)
  • Written cancellation by “the entity” will refund any non-designed funds. Will grace 30 days to locate new web manager; no charge for “the entity” to transfer web files, domain(s), email addresses, etc. to incoming entity, and only approved finalized artwork files are released
  • Written cancellation by “the client will be refunded 0% prior to 7th month on annual agreement, will grace 30 days to locate new web manager; Client remits $108 for “the entity” to transfer web files, domain(s), email addresses, etc. to incoming entity, and only approved finalized artwork files are released
  • Automatic cancellation within 2 mons by “default” due to 30 days non-activity 0% refunded, will grace 30 days to supply all requested content to complete the site build; “The Client” remits $108 for “the entity” to transfer web files, domain(s), email, etc. to incoming entity of only approved finalized artwork files
  • No refunds on All Information Products as these are automatically delivered
  • Particle refunds may apply only on large branding and marketing projects that are previously scheduled for 6 months service and maintenance. Please inquire about this.

How do I make payments ?

Invoices are due upon receipt. Payments are preferred via PayPal or Chase Quickpay, but can also be made via all major credit cards, Postal Money Orders, Ban Money Orders, or Bank Certified Checks. Please note that projects will not begin until checks have cleared,

What is my Brand ?

Your brand encompasses your mission, philosophy, logo, company name, and business objectives; all to translate the vision you have for your company to the public.

How can i edit smart objects ?

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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About the lead Techie Behind BCD

Here's a little about me, Charlene, founder or Bklyn Custom Designs & Video Promos Concierge, & why I'm excited to help you get your Branding together & launched!

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Charlene Brown

Founder Full Stack Developer Lead Creative Author

Charlene Brown  helps her clients launch functional, responsive WordPress websites.

A woman of many hats, she strives to excel at all that she does, especially for her clients.

Creative Branding Strategist Web Designer Web Developer Graphic Designer Video Producer Solopreneur Author

As founder and CEO of Bklyn Custom Designs, LLC, assisting Solopreneurs, like you, get beyond the tech is Charlene's mission. Guiding you to transform clicks into profit is her passion.

With almost two decades of experience in web design and development, branding, graphic design, & promo video creation allows Charlene to support Solopreneurs who know the importance and vitality of proper branding to their companies but are overwhelmed with the amount of work & technology it takes to accomplish this.

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