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I thought that within the past decade, that innovative technology moved from the “fad” stage and gained credibility as worthy business tools. In the article “7 Trends to Watch to Stay Ahead” the author, Frank Palermo, gives insight on why more and more businesses are moving into position to use technology more as strategic tools rather than tools of simple entertainment or engagement.

Technology Trends in 2015

According to Palermo, Forbes 2000 list will lose almost 50% of the companies listed because of the great impact that technology has had on the business industry. What was more shocking to me was that in order to competently compete in the 2015 business market, companies will need to spend $70 billion simply to keep up with technology.

This leads me to ask why does it seem that so many businesses still have not made the move to implement technology quicker. Is there still a disbelief and fear in technology? Do business strategies continue to not include technology as a serious developmental aspect? Perhaps, businesses still have not figured out how technology fits within their organizations and are playing catch-up more and more each year.

technology in 2015

Palermo also gave a quick summary of 2014 experiences and 2015 expectations. You can find that and learn more about Palermo here.

The list includes:

  • 3-D printers
  • More Device Connectivity
  • Smart Watches
  • Digital Payments

just to name a few.

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