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Stop struggling with ever-changing tech & finding your place in the business world already. Get your system together so that you can properly position your business and transform clicks into profit.

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We take your business and branding seriously. That is why we built a system to help you and us work as a cohesive team to turn your dreams into reality & help you transform clicks into profit.

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First We <strong><em>Research</em></strong>

In order to create the best branding strategy for your business, we first must understand who you are and what you do. A large part of that is researching your industry, potential competitors, and how your audience moves. Research is vital to creating a strong foundation for your brand. We take care of this for you.

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Next We <strong><em>Launch</em></strong>

Once your branding product is created we perform two types of launches: Soft and Official. The soft launch is the process of placing your branding product in front of a small group of people to help test the look, feel, functionality, appeal, and impact. Next, we perform an official launch where full marketing is conducted to inform the world that your branding product is available to them.

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Then We <strong><em>Develop</em></strong>

Once the background and foundation are established, we begin our development process of your brand. All aspects are taken into consideration to ensure that a complete brand is developed: website, marketing imagery, and your all-encompassing message that helps to tell your story to the world.

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Finally, Follow-up & <strong><em>Measure</em></strong>

Now that your branding product is live and has been tested and approved, we follow-up with you for feedback on the process and give you a complete package on maintaining your branding product and ensuring that your message is aligned with your brand.

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A business launched without direction is a waste of time. Setup your branding consultation and to learn how we can get your business where it should be.

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Reputation Marketing

No time to manage your various social media accounts? Not sure which social media network is best for your business? Let us help you put your positive reputation to work for you.

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Need a fresh look? Let us help you turn visiting clicks into sustaining profit! We'll build or rebuild your website from the ground up. Inquire about our Graphic Design, Domain Purchasing, and Hosting Services.

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Graphics can be used to get your voice heard by the masses. Learn how you can get started today.

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Video Creation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine how much a video is worth… We'll create your mini-commercials for you and get your business on the map.

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Bklyn Custom Designs works with YOU to improve the visibility and profitability of your online business while presenting the best image that represents you, your community, & the company you envisioned.

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