Ellese & Co Giveaway

Congratulations & welcome to the Winner's Circle!

We are so excited that you won and are proud to present you with you FREE download of our workbook, Master Your Digital Assets. You are also eligible for a 1-on-1 walkthrough and our eCourse, which launches September 2019. As the winner, you get early access to the course and will have me, Charlene, as your personal coach through the process of upgrading your brand by transforming how you manage your Digital Assets. Finally, you get a professionally made logo stinger for your videos! All your branding information will be collected during our consultation call.

Your next steps:

  1. Add this prize to your cart,
  2. use your Discount Code: ELLESEANDCO2019,
  3. and download your workbook now so we can get started!


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Mini-VIP Day

You need to step up your website to match how you move in your business now, not be stuck when your first started. Get unstuck with what customized content you should create. Reserve today!

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