Just 4 You™ Strategy Day is a 1-on-1 customized, hands-on experience to help you flush out your ideas for your website and create alignment with your business purpose and goals.

Your website should support your business needs and growth and Just 4 You™ Strategy Day will remove the mental and tech roadblocks you face and focus on your business specifically.

Go from frustration to clarity on what to do and who needs to be involved. Walk away with not only your strategy but a realistic timeline and action steps to get things done so you launch on time and confidently.

What's Included:

  • 4-hour 1:1 session
  • The Anti-Struggle™ Workshop – 4 Sessions:
    • Audit & Ditch Review
    • Know Your Brand Analysis
    • Prep Your Budget Chat
    • Create Your Dream Team Chat
  • Just 4 You™ Strategy Day Workbook

Jump in this if:

  • Your site could be “hitting different” or getting better results;
  • You need some 1:1, customized & focused time;
  • Your online store/site is missing something & needs improvements;
  • You have new ideas but unclear where they fit on your site;
  • Unsure what needs to be worked on; and/or
  • Your website feels outdated/limited.

Pass on this if:

  • You believe you're doing well without a website;
  • Customized solutions are unneeded for you;
  • You have zero interests in keeping your site updated;
  • Websites are a waste of space for you;
  • You believe your site is perfect the way it is; and/or
  • Creating a brand or goals for your site sounds unneeded.

Schedule your Just 4 You™ Strategy Session today, and start building the business & brand you deserve with the customization you've been craving!