Confused about why you are paying for a website?

Unsure if your site is effective?

Missing vital functionality that you desire for your business to work best online?

Know you need to revamp your DIY site but are unsure what to do or where to start?

Frustrated that no conversions are happening on your site?

Overall embarrassed to send folks to your site?

How To Know if You Have A Struggle Site

Struggle sites are those that have no direction and when a visitor finds them, they either leave quickly or are left frustrated looking for the answers they were told would be there. These types of sites always fail and begin to clutter the Internet only to be forgotten.

I don’t want that for you.

Your site should be a powerhouse asset in your business, not a draining liability.

You need to nurture your personal advocate; not bury or ignore a sore, failing piece of your business. Flooding good traffic to a bad site is a waste of time & resources.

Stop spinning your wheels & losing in your business. Struggle Detection™ is your resource to help you spot the gaps in your website marketing, so you may fill them intentionally with value that will level up your business and brand, so you’re seen as the prime choice.

What’s included:

  • Struggle Detection™ Website Audit Session
  • Struggles Detected™ Video Walkthrough
  • Break The Struggle Cycle™ Next Steps Checklist

Jump in this if:

  • Your site could be “hitting different” or getting better results;
  • You’ve been only dependent on social media for leads;
  • Your community is only found on social media;
  • Your online store is missing something & needs improvements;
  • You have new ideas but are unclear about where they fit on your site;
  • Unsure what needs to be worked on; and/or
  • Your website feels outdated/limited.

Pass on this if:

  • You believe you’re doing well without a website;
  • You have zero interest in keeping your site updated;
  • Websites are a waste of space for you;
  • You believe your site is perfect the way it is; and/or
  • Creating a brand or goals for your site sounds unneeded.

Book your Struggle Detection™ Website Audit Session today, so you can build the business & brand you deserve!