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Imagine a community where early founders, pioneers of change, and mavericks of innovation come together to collaborate, inspire, and create a legacy. A community tailored to offer resources, mentorship, and opportunities like no other.

We are thrilled to introduce you to The Misfit Squad™, an exclusive community that's not just about thriving together but changing the world as we know it.

Right now, we're opening our doors to founders like you – the game-changers, the boundary-pushers, the misfits. This is your chance to secure your place at an unbeatable Founders rate of just $97 per month. This is a limited opportunity, available only until the end of June. Come January 2024, the membership will open to the public at a regular investment of $250 per month.

But it's more than just a savings opportunity – it's your golden ticket to a wealth of benefits that come with being a Founding Member of The Misfit Squad™.

As a Founding Member, you gain:

Early Access: Be the first to explore and influence this vibrant community. Your ideas and feedback will help shape The Misfit Squad™ into a space that truly serves the needs of forward-thinking founders.

Community Trainings: Engage in interactive sessions led by industry experts. Learn, grow, and level up your skills in an environment that values knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.

The Misfit Resources™ Vault: Enjoy exclusive access to a repository filled with essential resources for any founder. From guides to videos, we've got you covered.

Private Podcast: Stay tuned for the launch of our new private podcast in July 2023. As a Founding Member, you'll gain early access to this reservoir of wisdom, stories, and insights from fellow misfits and industry leaders.

Audio & Video Chats: Connect, converse, and collaborate through our dedicated audio and video chat spaces. Share ideas, seek advice, or simply engage in insightful discussions.

Exclusive Events: Get VIP early access to workshops, webinars, meetups, and more. Be at the forefront of learning and networking opportunities.

The best part? As a Founding Member, you can lock in your $97 per month investment for as long as you stay with us. If you decide to step away and return later, please note that you would be re-joining at the non-Founder rate. We now offer quaterly or annual rates!

So, are you ready to step into an exclusive circle of early founders? Are you prepared to turn your visions into reality, surrounded by a community that celebrates your uniqueness and fuels your growth? If you are, then The Misfit Squad™ is waiting for you.

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Join us today and claim your place among the founders who are not afraid to be different, those who dare to disrupt, and the misfits ready to make their mark. Secure your spot at the Founders rate before it's too late. Embrace your misfit within and let's shape the future together.