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We will take care of the tech! You focus on providing amazing content!

A personalized website for your brand to use for teaching others in a private setting that protects your content so you can deliver the best to your students!

NOTE: Total cost of Customized Video Wordpress Membership Website is $10,875.

There is a required 50% non-refundable deposit due BEFORE work will begin and the remaining 50% balance is due BEFORE work is released to client. If you have questions please feel free to contact us for more details about this payment plan before you purchase.

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Pay a 50% deposit per item


Bklyn Custom Designs placeit-23-300x225  LAUNCHING YOUR ONLINE CLASSROOM

It's true that brands can be launched from any platform. However, the only way to maintain longevity is to create your own space on the World Wide Web. Despite having a Facebook Page, Google+ Business/Brand Page, Twitter account, you are not in control of your branding presence on those platforms.

The only way to truly establish yourself is to create your own platform on your own website.

We will do that for you!

We will design a custom Video Membership WordPress website for you. Protect your clients and your content. A personalized website for your brand to use for teaching others in a private setting that protects your content so you can deliver the best to your students!

Why create your website using the Wordpress platform? WordPress is the fastest growing and most recognized Content Management System (CMS) platform there is for Solopreneurs to quickly and effectively grow their online businesses. Their flexibility is only rivaled by the ease of use for non-technical clients who want to focus on frontend content rather than maintain the backend aspects.

We will take care of the tech! You focus on providing amazing content to your audience!

If you do not already have a video hosting service, we will provide that for you for FREE for one (1) year. This will allow your site to run swiftly without additional issues and provide stable streaming to your students regardless of where they are located. The video player will also be branded for your business so students always remember who is providing them with optimal service.

☛ IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product, you are encouraged to contact us before buying this product. This is to make sure you express what your needs are if they are beyond the scope mentioned in this package, and make sure we can accommodate your timeline expectation! Expedited work is accepted at an additional cost. No refunds are available for Custom Design work.

Deposit… 50% of the total price to kick off production
Balance… 50% of the total price upon receiving the final product


  • Video-enabled website design integrated with your current website or created separately
  • Secured Contact Us form (maximum of 4 item lines)
  • 5 Instructor Pages
  • Basic online purchase integration (up to 2 payment gateways)
  • Product image uploads (High-Quality images must be provided by client. Stock Photos available for purchase.)
  • Basic social media integration
  • Basic SEO customization (including page title, description, keywords)
  • Responsive layout for cross-browser and device compatibility
  • Connect to your custom domain
  • Basic customization
  • FREE Maintenance: 3 weeks post website launch for any errors/bugs found based on the initial project sent out by the Designer
  • Exclusive offer for Annual Maintenance + SSL package
  • Shopping cart; multiple payment methods allowed (YOU MUST HAVE SSL CERTIFICATE. We can provide you with one if you do not have. Please inquire at support [at] bklyncustomdesigns [dot] com for more information.)
  • BASIC VIDEO MEMBERSHIP SITE: Basic Membership Portal
    Have your clients log into your website to check their transaction history/status and access special content and downloads
  • Basic e-Commerce integration to handle simple membership purchases to get you started

Test our demo today!

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  1. Intake Form completed by Client
    You will receive an intake form from us upon your purchase An intake form is important to get started as we could understand your needs better. At this stage, we will assess your preference and requirement by looking at Wix’s capacity.
  2. Agreement is signed
    We will send you an agreement with an installation timeline of your website, a detailed breakdown of service as well as the agreed proposal style. We will be working your website based on it.
  3. 50% – 100% down payment is made (dependent on scope of custom work)
    50% (minimum – depending on the scope of custom work) of the full payment is required to kick off.
  4. Supply of website materials
    Once down payment is received, we also need you to provide the website materials such as a stock checklist, branded logo, photo, High-Quality Video (essential), company information, etc.
  5. Website created
    Once everything is ready, we will start making your website. It usually takes one to three week(s) for a preliminary version although it actually depends on the complexity of your project. For example, an online store takes longer time.
  6. Client reviews and submits any/all requests for changes within the previous Scope of Work
    You will enjoy up to two edits to review and comment. We encourage our customers to stick to the website structure and style in the proposal because as Out-of-Scope changes in a layout will delay delivery time set in our initial contract. This will alter the client's expected time delivery and cost, hence requiring a Change of Scope Order to be signed.
  7. Balance payment is made by Client
    When your website is ready to go, the remaining balance must be settled. You will receive email notification to confirm the completion of your project so that we can prepare to transfer your new WordPress website to your hosting server. At this stage, you should already have a hosting server account. (If you do not have your own hosting provider, we are happy to get you started. Please see step #11.)
  8. Project is transferred to Client (on receipt of final payment)
    You will receive a notification email from our team that the project has been transferred to your hosting server account. We will also send you your login information to your new WordPress website.
  9. Final setup*
    During the last stage, we will optimize your website on your hosting server for top SEO results and modify the plugins on your website. It usually takes only a few days to complete after we have received your SEO requests. This is usually a separate service but is included with this Custom WordPress Website Design Package.
  10. FREE Maintenance
    Despite our best efforts to make sure your website is perfect on launch, technology can be temperamental. We understand there might be bugs or errors on your website from time-to-time. Therefore, we provide customers with up to 3 weeks of free maintenance after the launch for minor issues (broken links, images not displaying, etc.) that may arise.
  11. FREE Website Hosting
    If you do not have your own hosting provider, we are happy to get you started for free when you purchase any of our Website Design Packages.We will provide you with one (1) full year of free service. Domain service is separate and not included.
  12. FREE Video Hosting
    If you do not have your own video hosting provider, we are happy to handle that for you for free when you purchase any of our Video Membership Website Design Packages. We will help you set up your Youtube/Vimeo page and integrate your videos on your website. We will provide you with one (1) full year of free service. Domain service is separate and not included.


  • Logo Design, Content Creation, Content SEO Optimization, SSL Certification (If you would like us to provide the full package please consider purchasing the EVERYTHING WP Design Package.)
  • Domain Service (Your domain must be purchased separately under your arrangement. If you prefer us to acquire your domain there will be an additional cost.)
  • Establishing Payment Gateway Accounts (You must create your own accounts to your preferred payment gateway [PayPal, Stripe are recommended] before contacting us.)
  • Establishing Newsletter/Email Automation Accounts (You must create your own account to your preferred newsletter or email automation provider before contacting us. If you prefer us to establish your Newsletter/Email Automation accounts we will be happy to. Please add our Newsletter package to this service.)

Bklyn Custom Designs yogademov3


What I need to prepare before we start

You must supply us the information listed below in order to speed up the production time:
  • Your company name/website name
  • Content for each page (like ”about us', ‘our service', “contact us”)
  • Preferred website style (if any, links to other sites are welcomed)
  • Website branding material such as logo, images (if any)
  • Your company/personal social media links (if any)
  • Stock checklist and high-quality product photos (for online store/eCommerce)
  • Form field items and conditions (for forms)
  • Blog content (for blog articles – including high-quality images)
What is a ‘Page'?

Every single link that goes to a new page containing photos and/or text will be counted as one (1) single page.

Why do I need Video Hosting?

Most shared hosting servers place limitations on the amount of resources that each client can use. This places a limitation on how many videos you can stream from your account through your website. You can use Youtube, but if there are any issues your videos will be removed from their servers. Also, making things private can become a daunting task.

We will handle this issues for your and host them while addressing any issues that we can easily resolve while you focus on creating great video content.

How can I get my custom domain name/personalized email address?

Every Website Design Package comes with a FREE Hosting Package. However, if you would like to have a Custom Domain purchased for you please consider purchasing our ELITE Hosting & Maintenance Package. If you are looking at a personalized email address (such as: allmine [at] yourdomainname [dot] com), you can set this up at We will be happy to provide you with a video tutorial on setting this up.

How can I update and amend the website by myself after you're done?

WordPress is the best CMS system in the industry. You will can get access to our Bklyn Custom Designs Tutorials where we share online training and tutorials for our clients to manage their WordPress website after our work is done. We believe in building lasting relationships and you can call on us when you need help.

Can you update and amend the website for me after the website is completed?

Once your website design complete you can rest assured that we'll still be here for you. We have Website Maintenance services for clients who prefer that we handle and update their websites after the initial launch.

Please review one of our popular Maintenance packages here.


NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available under any circumstances. Understand that reselling, redistribution, or use this design any way other than for your business and your website is strictly prohibited.


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