Transform Clicks To Profit

Episode #00

My Why For Transform Clicks To Profit

This podcast was created or the Solopreneur ready to launch their #1 Brand Ambassador but unsure where to start.

Hey there Solopreneur! I’m Charlene V. Brown of Bklyn Custom Designs. Welcome to Transform Clicks To Profit, a laid back podcast with me, a full-stack website developer and Brand developer. I’ve been helping clients claim their online space for over 20 years and wanted to bring those conversations to this podcast.

Too often Solopreneurs are left wondering if they are doing the right thing when building their websites and I’ve seen too many be taken for a ride or left without a website after spinning their wheels.

No more. This podcast is a no BS approach of breaking down the facts of website development & design to you, the Solopreneur, without fluff or over-complicated jargon.

Stop wondering if you should have a website or simply create a Facebook page and call it a wrap. Leave the confusion of should you use Squarespace or WordPress or cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Transform Clicks To Profit: The Podcast Trailer cover

I’ll help you get through the Tech Mess and figure out what’s best for you, your Brand, and your clients.

Every episode will help you take action and get shyt done – once and for all.

Tune in and get off the sidelines so you can finally build your #1 Brand Ambassador to do what you need it to do – promote you and help you win.
Now that I’ve introduced myself, let's jump into action!

Show Notes

0:24 The purpose of this podcast

Season 1 Launches 12/31/2020


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