Learn how to use your Email List to create an Asset for your business & your brand

From List To Asset: Challenge

Still Struggling with Your Email List?

When I first started my business in 2014, I didn't know how much to believe about what it took to build a successful business through an online platform.

Like many of you, I didn't realize how valuable building my connections through email was. I was taking my list for granted and not learning how to transform it into an asset.

30-Day Strategy

This 30-day challenge allows you to learn different aspects of building your email list and elements you can add to your emails to build engagement with your audience.

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Change How You Communicate

Heck, how hard could it be? Folks talked about the tons of subbies they got all in under three to six months with one or two created, cultivated, and shared content and *POOF* all these folks flew on their list.

Little did I realize the missing puzzle pieces in those tales – all the hard work of marketing and pimping the hell out of said content.

Marketing was never an easy thing for me, but I had to learn; learn to stop fearing failure, learn to fail quickly, and learn to allow failure to help me shape my brand and create the clientele and business I wanted.

To get better and learn how to market, I needed to learn what to market and how to use my Blog articles, networks, services, and products to attract them and build relationships.

Let's face it; every brand needs to build an active and supportive email list to thrive. Will you be perfect at it? Will I? Why not? I wondered this when I first began and I still wonder about some of my tactics today. Of course, there will be stumbles along the way, but at least I know that I took action until I got the results I desired.

To stay on track I reference back to my From List to Asset Challenge and go through certain days that I need help with or see what new tips I can add to tweak an old idea. I had a blast doing it the first time and I welcome you to go through it and see how you too can benefit.

Join The From List To Asset Challenge

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Need help or a refresher in marketing your brand and building an active list? Feel free to take the challenge or go to particular days that speak to you and your specific needs at any given moment.

Check out some of the articles in the challenge below.

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