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01 / Brand Identity

Need Quick Videos?

Need a logo stinger? Video intro? Outro? Explainer video for your courses, products, or services? Instagram commercial? Facebook ad?

Not enough time in your schedule to do it all, including learn new video technology or sign up for a new Do-It-Yourself software service?

We've got you covered.


Different videos help you achieve different goals. It's best to mix your options for best results. We help you create the mini-commercials and quick video assets you need for your brand so your voice can be heard & seen!
Visual Services Available:
– Video Social Banners
– Horizontals
– Stories & Verticals
– Squares
– Website Promos
– Logo Stingers
– Intros
– Outros

All Video Promo Packages Are Customized

Services included:

This includes custom scripts created with you to present a cohesive message as you market your brand and your packaging.

This includes your video files delivered as MOV or M4P files.

Allows you to create an interview-style video promo showcasing your expertise if your project includes this. This promo can be used on your website and social media.

Includes high-quality stock photos that allows your video project to stand out and become an extension of your brand if your project includes this.

Includes high-quality stock videos that allows your video project to stand out and become an extension of your brand if your project includes this.

We strive to bring your brand to reality

Some of our amazing clients...

Logo Showcaseown your power
Logo Showcasefirm fit inc
Logo Showcasedr rich schuttler
Logo Showcaselab design solutions
Logo Showcaseddp comedy
Logo Showcasehair image inc

Our Process

Our video promo packages are designed to provide you with the perfect mix of media to meet your immediate video needs, while providing you with the right resources to support your brand marketing as your business continues to grow.

We recommend the following for most businesses:

  • One 25-30 second Horizontal video – optimized for Youtube, Websites, and Facebook
  • One 10-15 second Square video – optimized for Facebook and Instagram posts
  • One 10-15 second Vertical video – optimized for IG & FB Stories and IGTV

All video promo projects take between 3 – 5 weeks to complete (completely dependent upon client response time and project scope.)

Our video process:

  1. Education
  2. Brainstorm & Research Session
  3. Concept Development
  4. Review & Refine
  5. Finalization & Delivery
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02 / Our Process

PayPal Credit & Payment Plans are available. We also accept:

Video Promo Package FAQs

  • General
  • Experience
  • Deliverables
  • Expectations

How much does it cost to work with you?

Every video promo project is unique, so we always like to schedule an introduction call to meet and discuss in detail your unique design needs, business goals, and see if we are the right team for you. Then we’ll create a custom project proposal and quote unique to you and your project. However, most of our brand projects fall within the $400-1k range.

Do you offer any a la carte design services?

Not at this time. We only offer template designs.

How many other clients do we work with at a time?

In order to provide the level of quality and dedication that we believe our clients deserve, we only work with 2 – 5 clients at any given point. This allows us to work much more intimately with our clients and move much faster as our response time is sooner and our ability to implement changes or edits is almost immediate.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Working with a professional designer can be a significant investment, so we work to make payments as simple as possible for our clients. Most brand projects are paid in one installment, but up to twp installments is available for larger projects. All payments are due before the completion of your project.

How long does each package take?

Every Video Promo project takes approximately 2 – 4 weeks to complete; completely dependent upon client response time and project scope.

What is included in each package?

All of our video promos packages include video promos based on your package. You can expand upon our starting package in order to create the perfect video promo package for your business.

How do we communicate through the video production process?

We will have two initial production meetings before we begin any design work, followed by unlimited email, phone, and video call support during the duration of your video promo project’s timeline.

How will I receive each production phase?

We use a system called Dubsado to conduct and submit each phase of your design project. This is where your Client Portal will be housed. This system will allow you to select, reply, and comment on each phase of your video work via email so that we can streamline each phase and provide complete clarity and transparency as we move through the production process.

What files are included in each brand package?

All final video promo projects come in MOV and M4V files. Depending on your specific package additional files may be included for your brand collateral items.

Are the files editable?

All final videos will be finalized (not editable).

How will I receive my final files?

You will receive your video files in all popular file formats in a shared Cloud folder for easy download.

How much work do I have to do pre-work before my project?

Every video promo package includes one Brand Questionnaire and a Pinterest Inspiration Moodboard that must be completed by you one week before your project start date.

What do I need to have ready by my project start date?

Be sure to have your professional email address, professional phone number (if relevant) and any other contact information or marketing media such as brand photography or headshots prepared before our design start date.

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The fact that you have a video is not enough. Give your video the professional look it deserves and captures the attention of your viewers.

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