Walking Away

updated 2019-07-13
No amount of money is worth your sanity and respect. Too often Solopreneurs feel like we are “too small” to turn away clients and money. This is something we have got to stop – immediately. Learn why I had to do this myself and how I got it done!
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Table of Contents

When I first launched Bklyn Custom Designs I wanted to help everyone – no matter what. I quickly realized how wrong I was to go into my businesses with that mindset. not only did I do myself an injustice, I misled others, in particular, my clients.

I misled them by allowing them to think they could treat me in any fashion and I would jump to make shit happen at any cost – even my self-care.

I felt that all of this would lead them to realizing how valuable my company and I were to launching and maintaining their businesses. This was surely NOT the case.

Creating The Opportunity For Disrespect

I messed up.

Not only did my team and I not get the respect of doing a damn good job on their projects and being amazing at what we do (we know our shit!), but we were being made to feel like we did them wrong.

Because of this behavior displayed by three different clients I had to put an end to two abusive business relationships and I never looked back.

If you find yourself in this type of position where you are giving your all and your client in not only unappreciative but abusive in their demands of your time and talent, ditch 'em and ditch 'em fast.

Quick Examples on How to Ditch ‘Em

I had one client text me, call me, and email me randomly and at all hours of the day with scattered and incomplete information. They felt that I should not only work with no clear direction from them but on the fly and in an blink of an eye turn their indecision into golden opportunities of instant successes for them.

Another client wanted me to take air and turn it into a tangible brand with a functioning business attached while they failed time and time again to provide their own business information and assets so that my team and I could accomplish the goals we help set.

Another client attempted to set up a one-sided barter agreement where they would recieve a multi-faceted website, a store, an email campaign, and incorporate video components to their website but believed they would set the worth of the amount of work it would take to implement it all.

Oh, did I mention that they had no products for their store and no idea of what they wanted in terms of functionality? Their list grew as long as Route 66 in Arizona and they expected that I accept what they said. Umm, hell no boo. To this day that client still has no website or store…

The cheap comes out expensive and bullshit walks…

These three clients created the perfect storm for chaos, confusion,and disrespect.

The Rundown

I knew that I needed to walk away from them all and I had to do it quickly.

I'll break down all three experiences in a new series so that you can get a clearer understanding that if you should ever meet clients from hell like the three I had, you can plan your escape route out of that disaster!

Check back soon!

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