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The Anti-Struggle life™
Resource Vault

The Anti-Struggle Life™ Resources Vault is an exclusive opportunity to Solopreneurs & small business owners ready to take their brand and business to the next level.

The Purpose of the Vault

Here you can access all the free resources that I have created & curated to compliment some of the blog articles I've written & there are exclusive discounts just for The Misfit VIPs.

You'll find these nowhere else!

As a VIP of The Collective you'll automatically be part of The Brand Misfits' Tribe (BMT) but not the other way around. If you're a BST Member you'll need to join SRL to gain access to these Exclusive offers.

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Why Join?

Seriously, the FREE Solopreneur Resources Vault is the ultimate way for Solopreneurs like yourself to build their branding & business toolkits with proven strategies and shortcuts to help accelerate your efforts.

Why go through the ringer, stress, and drama when you can learn about the pitfalls based on the experiences of others such as myself.

Unless you enjoy Struggle Stress, you don't have to go through the Solopreneur Journey alone.

What's Inside?

When you join SRL you get lifetime access to all the current and future free resources that we create.

These include the following & much, much more…

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Need just the basics of what can help you create a branding message and package? Start here!

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Mini Workshops

You've got your message and now you need to level up your business. Jump in here!

Solopreneur resoure Library: Planners and Workbooks


You're ready to boss-up your branding & take your business a step further. Roll up here!

Solopreneur Resources Kits

Resource Kits

Your ready to showcase your brand like the precious gem it is. Slide in here to get started today!

Charlene V. Brown Supporting Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions

Charlene V. Brown

The Brand Misfit℠

Charlene loves helping consultants, coaches, & speakers get beyond the tech & align their websites to their purpose for increased conversions, profitability, sustainability, & and business growth.
Charlene removes tech frustrations so you don’t miss conversion opportunities. All while you focus on what you love most about your business.
Here's to your Level Up & you being Launch-Ready!.

My goal is help your website strategy match your Level Up. Together I want us to not only achieve your website conversion goals, but find sustainable ways to have your website support your business financial goals for long-term success & evolution as part of your marketing foundation.

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