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Envision yourself as the hero of your brand’s saga, standing at the crossroads of tech & messaging uncertainty. You know you’re a dynamic consultant and coach.

Now get into a mindset that preps you to start your quest for clarity – defining the very heartbeat of your brand.

Your concerns become stepping stones, and Charlene Brown, the Brand Misfit™, listening intently, offering expert guidance with each revelation. With over two decades of tech wisdom and a knack for transforming clicks into profit, allow her to be your go-to guide for brand realignment.

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A website that doesn't just Captivate but Converts

However the journey doesn’t halt there; it’s a voyage into the mystical realm of Tech Mastery. Charlene, with her knack for turning clicks into profit, reveals the dormant power within your website – an untapped force waiting to be unleashed. Your website, once a mere canvas of pixels, transforms into a dynamic stage for your brand’s brilliance.

Elevate your credibility, engagement, and sales – these become the magical artifacts of your quest. The social media rollercoaster fades into the background as your website emerges as the ultimate platform for consistency and growth.

What's in it for you?

Here's what's included:

Say goodbye to the social media rollercoaster – your website is the ultimate platform for consistency and growth.

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Find yourself dancing to the whims of social media algorithms? Feeling trapped in the struggle for consistency? This call is your beacon of transformation.

The Brand & Tech Triage™ Clarity Call is tailor-made for you if:

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Whether you're curious about the session's duration, its benefits, or what challenges it can address, find the information you need to embark on your journey towards a seamlessly aligned brand and tech strategy.

The clarity call is specifically designed for booked-out Coaches & Consultants who seek to enhance their brand message, overcome tech challenges, and create a realistic blueprint for success.

The call is a focused 45-minute session where you’ll discuss your brand, tech concerns, and objectives. Expect a deep dive into your challenges and personalized recommendations from our expert, Charlene Brown, the Brand Misfit™.

Investing in a Brand & Tech Triage™ Clarity Call with Charlene Brown, the Brand Misfit™, is your ticket to clarity, empowerment, and profitability. Gain insights tailored to your brand’s unique needs, unlock the full potential of your website, and discover how to drive consistent sales without relying on social media algorithms.

The call acts as a foundational step, offering personalized insights and recommendations. It helps outline a realistic blueprint based on your brand’s goals and tech needs, setting the stage for future success.

The call addresses a range of challenges, including tech overwhelm, time constraints, inconsistent online presence, website struggles, and dependency on social media. It’s a comprehensive exploration tailored to your unique situation.

Charlene Brown, the Brand Misfit™, will guide you through a journey of clarity, defining your brand’s essence and objectives. You’ll receive insights on aligning your brand message with the right tech solutions for optimal impact.

No, there’s no pressure to commit immediately. The Clarity Call is an exploration to see if the Brand & Tech Triage™ program aligns with your goals. You decide the next steps based on your comfort and readiness.

Absolutely! The call is ideal for booked-out individuals looking to create more flexibility in their business and optimize their brand and tech for sustained success.

Yes, you have the option to explore ongoing support through the Misfit Squad™ Community. It’s a supportive network where you can continue your growth journey alongside like-minded individuals.

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The Brand Misfit™. Web Architect. Whiskey Lover.

Heey, I'm Charlene — nice to meet you

If you want to launch a website that aligns with your business & brand seamlessly without the tech stress, you’re in the right place.

  • 2+ decades in tech.
  • Skilled in Tech Project Management.
  • WordPress Specialist for 2+ decades.
  • Masters in Business Management with IT Organization.
  • PhD candidate for Technology Management & Implementation.

Guiding & supporting businesses to launch websites that ensure sustainability by using credibility to build online visibility is my passion & my mission.

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