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Alright Brand Misfit, you've done what you can through DIY but you need a little more help.

You feel like you're just about at that time to either launch your site or hire a pro; you just aren't sure which direction to go without missing a step.

That's where the Brand Workbooks for Brand Misfits come in. Download your today!

Bklyn Custom Designs Brand Workbooks for Brand Misfits
Charlene V. Brown Founder of Bklyn Custom Designs, The Brand Misfit, and Full-Stack Website Developer

Are You A Brand misfit?

Being a Brand Misfit isn't a bad thing. It simply means that you think outside of the normal box of what's expected of a brand and you need to express that to the world.

That's part of why I, Charlene Brown,  launched Bklyn Custom Designs, to help my fellow Brand Misfits get the confidence to use their websites s amazing experiences for potential clients to build relationships with them.

Fo my DIYers, these workbooks have been amazing at helping you stay on track to get as much as you need to get done so you can launch your site or figure out who to hire.

Download Your Brand Workbooks for Brand Misfits

Get & stay on track to launch your site or figure out who to hire for your next Brand project with the help of our Brand Workbooks for Brand Misfits without you skipping a beat.

Woman Entrepreneur downloading her brand workbook launch-ready workbook

LR / Launch-Ready

Unsure what you need to launch your site?

Launch-Ready Workbook

Getting your website strategy together is not always simple. The game plan has to be set so your website can help you accomplish the goals you've created.

Submit your info below to download your copy of The Launch-Ready Workbook now.

Hiring the wrong people for your projects not only wastes time but is costly and frustrating.

There's a difference between a web developer & a web designer and it's time you learn what that is so you can create your project with the proper guidance and help you need to launch your project.

Never be left to Wonder

Who To Hire Workbook

Need to hire a pro but unsure who you need? Check out our Who to Hire workbook and learn the difference and where you might need help.

Submit your info below to download your copy of The Who to Hire Workbook now.

Download your Brand Workbook to learn who to hire for your next project

WH / Who to Hire

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