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Understanding & unlocking evergreen Success

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Your Step-By-Step, Guide
to Understand & Create Evergreen strategies
that Build a Timeless Brand That Thrives in Any Market

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embrace the power of evergreen

Are you struggling to keep up with the constant demands of content creation and technology changes?

Does your brand feel stuck in a cycle of temporary solutions and short-lived trends?

Unsure What Evergreen Means?

Evergreen is all about creating content, services, or products that remain relevant & valuable over time; think of evergreen trees that stay green year-round.

Consider crafting content that doesn't expire or get outdated, guaranteeing longevity and sustainability for your business.

Hence Evergreen Strategies.

Why Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive?

Timeless Strategies:
Understanding how creating content that remains relevant and valuable, frees you from constant content creation cycles and experiencing content mind blocks.

Scalable Solutions:
Learning why developing systems that allow your business to grow and scale leveraging evergreen methods that continuously drive engagement.

real talk... I've been where you are

In Chaos & Confusion

I've been right where you are now, entangled in the chaos of transition. The stress was overwhelming as I struggled to align my fledgling business with its true purpose and brand objectives.

I've allowed many dreams to slip through my hands. I had to ask why was I waiting so long before I saw how damaging not connecting to my audience was.

I realized the key to unlocking success wasn't in chasing the latest trends or falling for shiny marketing objects; but in getting crystal-clear clarity about what I truly wanted.

My ah-ha moment came not just from my personal journey but also from witnessing seasoned women entrepreneurs, decades into their businesses, still grappling with the challenge of building brand awareness.

It hit me that we were all missing a crucial point – marketing our main objectives as the focal points of our efforts. Determined to break free from the cycle of confusion, I started on a mission to redefine my approach to the marketing game.

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solution discovered

Falling into Place

As the years passed, I came to understand that once I gained laser-focused clarity, everything began to fall into place.

From services to products, everything added value to my brand's mission, aligning seamlessly with my passion for serving my community.

I didn't discover a need for more tools or tactics, but for strategic clarity that could anchor my business and drive it forward.

When folks visited my site, they didn't encounter confusion but instead a clear understanding of my brand identity and its relevance to them.

It clicked that my site needed to be more than just an online “home” – it had to be a powerful marketing tool; an advocate for my brand.

with clarity I became

Framed for Success

Fine-tuning my site became effortless; aligning its structure seamlessly with my quarterly and yearly objectives.

Social media evolved from a random, disorganized experience to a strategic marketing tool, purposefully directing traffic back to my site. Educating my audience and establishing my credibility became natural as my website emerged as a repository of valuable content.

This transformation, the missing link for overwhelmed consultants and coaches, embodied the Evergreen Effect™ for my clients.

Now, I extend an invitation to to you to join me on this transformative journey through the Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive. Together, we'll explore my A.M.P. Your Brand™ framework, reviving your unused website and transforming it into your ultimate marketing asset and brand advocate.

Join the waitlist, and let's empower & scale your business together.

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Exclusive Opportunity


Evergreen Intensive

For coaches and consultants who want to create Evergreen strategies to free up their time. Empower your business with strategic evergreen content and tech implementation. Take the leap with Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive and amplify your impact.

reasons to consider this program

You Know You Need to Scale

Wondering if Empower+Scale™ is the right fit for you?
Ready to escape the demanding routine, create a successful business, and get personalized, expert guidance?
This program is your next step.

Once you complete the program you'll learn how to build:

Happy multiracial woman rolls in chair with arms raised in victory

reasons to skip this program

You May Not Be Ready

We know how transformative, and needed, this program is.

However, let's keep it real… this program may not be the best fit for you for a few reasons:

Young black woman isolated grimacing displeased and confused

proven client results

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Phyllis William-Strawder, Ghetto Country Brandmother®

"I happened to catch Charlene doing short website audits during one of her Linkedin Lives. I posted my site to be one of the audited and I am so glad I did. Based on the advice she gave I actually saw same day results."
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Julie Trombley, Tackle Your To Do • Certified Ontraport Expert

"...it couldn't come at a better time... I had just refreshed and relaunched my website... thought I had everything I needed. Going through this Struggle site Rescue™ helped me realize that there were some things that I needed to include. I was really excited to go through this..."
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Dr. Alex Rosa

"I have been impressed with all that Charlene teaches about websites, SEO, branding... all the backend, unsexy stuff about running a business... she makes it so simple and easy to understand, and it's interesting."
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Carl Shawn Watkins, Mr. Vulnerability℠

"Charlene is truly incredible, her style, knack for setting you apart and being that "Web Architect" is amazing. She put my website together with such structure and serviceability... I kicked myself for not working with her sooner because she did not disappoint."

What's included in the Intensive?

  • 5 weeks of Live trainings with the Brand Misfit™, Charlene Brown – tech & brand strategist and self-taught website developer and designer, who's supported small & Fortune 500 companies to build profitable tech & brand strategies. ($2,376 value)
  • 5 weeks of guidance & feedback ($2,376 value)
  • Lifetime access to replays of trainings ($1900 value)
  • Community access exclusive for ‘Intensive' students ($897 value)
  • Exclusive workbook & training materials ($494 value)
  • Intensive Checklist to track your progress ($197 value)

Bonus: 2 extra weeks of coaching & support! ($975 value)

Total Value: $9987

Your Investment: Only $500

Three Prime Payment Options To Choose From:

Free Acces

No Bonus
  • 🚫 No bonus access available for this option, No replay.
    Only Live access to Intensive.

Payment of $500

Bonus 1:1 With Charlene + Voxer
  • One-Time Bonuses
  • 🎯 30 minute 1:1 with Charlene + Voxer call (valued at $300)
  • 🎯 You'll have access to schedule your 1:1 session at anytime during our 5 weeks together.
  • 🎯 Lifetime Access to Replays.
Prime Value

2 Bi-Weekly
Payments of $257

Voxer Call
  • ✅ Audio Access for you to submit 3 questions about your Evergreen offer.
  • ✅ You can submit your questions at anytime during our 5 weeks together.
  • ✅ Both payments must be completed before the Intensive starts.
  • ✅ 2-Week Access to Replays

What To Expect While We're Together

Check out each week below to know how we're rollin' each for the next 5 weeks.

Expectation Overview

We'll get into the full understanding of what Evergreen is and the ways we'll build out and implement your strategy.

Setting the expectations early gives you an idea of the timeline and what to expect from this experience while aligning your goals to the timeline.

At the end of this week you will have the clarity of what makes an Evergreen opportunity powerful and how you'll be able to deliver the impact you want.

Understanding Evergreen Success

We get into the “why” behind what Evergreen success means to your brand and how to create content and services around that.

  • Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
  • Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

At the end of this week you will have clarity on what you need to create your Evergreen strategy that fits how you move and be ready to create your Evergreen blueprint.

Customizing Your Evergreen Blueprint

Allow you creativity & ideas to flow unhindered as you consider the possibilities of what your Evergreen strategy can be and how to execute.

  • Brainstorm and design your unique evergreen strategy.
  • Explore various content and program ideas tailored to your brand.

When we're done, you will have a list of various ways to explore the type of content and programs you can create and which will be best to launch during our time together.

Creating Your Evergreen Digital Assets

This week will be focused on getting things in order so you can create the content that will be part of your new Evergreen platform.

  • Develop and organize content for your evergreen platform.
  • Learn how to create assets that promote consistent engagement.

When we're done, you'll not only be focused, you'll have some Evergreen content ready for constant marketing and focused on your endless topic(s).

Setting Up Your Evergreen Marketing Flow

Marketing anything takes planning – even when you launch dirty. It's a great way to get the word out while building momentum and collecting live data all at the same time. 

  • Implement the Launch Dirty Method for quick, effective marketing.
  • Tweak & solidify for your Brand.
  • Schedule and automate your evergreen content.

This week you'll walk away with your Evergreen content scheduled and ready to flow.

Building Momentum & Consistency

Now that your first flow is up & running you can start positioning more flows to showcase your services and products the way you want.

  • Position multiple marketing flows to drive continuous traffic.
  • Educate your audience and establish your credibility as an expert.

At the end of this week, you'll not only have an understanding of what Evergreen is and how to create powerful Evergreen Marketing Flows™ – you'll have educational content that will drive consistent flows of traffic to you and build your credibility as a top brand & expert.

Ready to Amplify Your Impact?

Transform your brand with evergreen strategies that ensure lasting success.
Join the Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive and take the first step towards creating a sustainable, scalable business.

Join the Waitlist Today to secure your spot and start building your evergreen empire.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive is a comprehensive program designed to help established entrepreneurs, like you, break free from the 1:1 grind, build Evergreen strategies for your business, and achieve lasting success.
Empower+Scale™ Evergreen Intensive is best for consultants, coaches, and small business owners looking to create Evergreen strategies for their businesses, streamline their operations, and scale efficiently.
The Empower+Scale™ Intensive reopens May 13th, 2024. Don't wait. Join the Waitlist now so you can know when to secure your spot.

No specific skills or experience are required. The program is designed to cater to established entrepreneurs at all tech levels.

Empower+Scale™ is a 5-week intensive workshop with a bonus week for additional guidance and support.

You'll learn how to leverage Evergreen strategies to create content and products that remain relevant and valuable over time, how to optimize your website and tech stack, and how to build a legacy-driven business that leaves a lasting impact.

You can expect to dedicate approximately 5-7 hours per week to the program, including attending live workshops, completing assignments, and engaging with the community.

The program includes live workshops, expert guidance from industry professional, Charlene Brown (the Brand Misfit™), personalized support, resources, and access to a supportive community of fellow Misfit Entrepreneurs™.

No. This program is your guide but you still have to do the work. Based on the nature of this program you get guided assistance to create your Evergreen strategy and blueprint based on the clarity you gain around your business needs and brand objectives.

Registration for Empower+Scale™ opens periodically. To stay informed about upcoming cohorts and registration dates, join our waitlist or subscribe to our newsletter.
You will have 5 weeks to work with the Brand Misfit™ directly as she guides you into converting your best offer into an evergreen solution that will give you back your time.
Over the 5 weeks you will: 
• meet your fellow Misfit Entrepreneurs™ who also are ready to level up their businesses into evergreen brands and regain control of their time.
 • learn how to A.M.P.lify your strategy for all that you do.
• create a Rinse & Repeat System for yourself.
• transform your website into not only a valuable resource, but an automated sales machine for years to come–on your terms.
Yes, alumni of Empower+Scale™ have an opportunity to access ongoing support, additional resources, and future community events to continue their growth and success journey if they decide to join the Misfit Squad™ Community.
When you register you'll receive some pre-work. Be sure to complete this before the training to get the most out of the Intensive and your bonus offers (based on your registration).
We've got you!
This is an Intensive but many time... life be lifin'!
With that in mind, you get 2 bonus weeks with me to ensure that you launch and get it done.
Need a more dedicated approach? You can book a call with the Brand Misfit™ & get your project added to our calendar. Calendar is based on availability as we only book 20 clients per year.

The Brand Misfit™. Tech & Brand Strategist. Whiskey Lover.

Heey, I'm Charlene — nice to meet you

Ready to launch a website that aligns with your business & brand seamlessly without the tech stress? I've got you!

  • 2+ decades in tech.
  • WordPress Specialist for 2+ decades.
  • Masters in Business Mgmt: Tech Mgmt.
  • PhD candidate: Tech Mgmt & Implementation.

Guiding booked-out coaches & consultants to launching websites that supports sustainability & visibility by using your credibility is my passion & my mission.

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Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

Week 1

Understanding Evergreen Success
- Discover the power of evergreen strategies and how they can transform your business.
- Gain clarity on what makes content timeless and impactful.

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