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Tired of struggling with your site? Feel “out of place” in your industry? Ready to transform your online visibility & build a unique brand that truly reflects your business & who you are? Look no further than Bklyn Custom Designs.
I'm Charlene Brown, The Brand Misfit™ & I specialize in transforming DIY Struggle Sites™ into key business assets. I assist you being seen as a notable, dynamic, and credible business & brand using cohesive Clarity, Brand, & Tech Strategies.
I'm passionate about
• the power of tech.
• empowering solopreneurs and small business owners, like you, to take their sites to the next level.
• educating & empowering you on what your website can do.
• allowing you to focus on what you're most passionate about in your business.
Don't let a weak, whack website hold you back! Let me transform your site & support you building a unique brand that stands out!


Charlene Brown The Brand Misfit transforms struggle sites

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Let’s get to know one another…

I'm a B.E.A.S.T. at what I do

I'm Charlene Brown – The Brand Misfit™, and I'm here to guide brand misfits, like you, to transform struggle sites & launch successful websites that truly reflect your business.
I'm the misfit behind the brand – Bklyn Custom Designs℠ & I specialize in:
• transforming DIY Struggle Sites™ into ultimate brand ambassadors.
• clarity, tech, & brand strategy.
• custom, tailored WordPress development & design.
• custom, tailored tech implementation.
• creating sites tailored to your unique vision & goals.
Don't let a lack of tech-savviness hold you back from launching a website that truly represents your business. Book your ClarityCheck™ today!
Our Services

Transforming Struggle Sites™

tech-infused solutions made for you

Together we will transform your vision into extraordinary digital experiences. Choose how you build a Digital Platform that you're proud to have as your Ultimate Brand Ambassador.
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Solutions to TechBlocks™

We understand the importance of having a website that's not only fly, but also drives results. We offer the best anti-struggle solutions™ & strategies to support you achieving your website goals & converting your visitors into loyal customers.

Beautiful African American woman using laptop in office.

Struggle Site DeepScan™

Immersive, hands-on experience empowers you to transform your site from a cluttered mess to a conversion powerhouse.

Black woman sitting on windowsill, say hello, talking on video chat with her friends on laptop

Struggle Brand Therapy™

Together we'll develop a brand identity that truly reflects your unique vision and goals. Ensuring every aspect is on point.

Brand Misfit working on creating a website that supports business growth

Struggle Project Cure™

From planning to execution, we're with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is on time & within budget.

Clarity Strategy™ Sessions

Pick My Brain;
Book Your ClarityCheck

Calling all Misfit Entrepreneurs™!

Stop struggling with your website. Jump on a ClarityCheck™ session and discover how to transform your struggle site into a prime business asset & your ultimate brand ambassador. It's the perfect opportunity to pick my brain and get the strategy you need to take your business to the next level & grow your brand visibility.
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Charlene Brown the Brand Misfit aligning your website to your business

Partners & Projects

I understand how important your online presence is, and I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Selected Projects

see what we've done

My expertise & personalized approach has me working with you every step of the way to create a website & brand that truly reflects your unique vision and goals. I 💖 to transform struggle sites.

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter site or brand that doesn't do your business justice. Let Bklyn Custom Designs℠ support you showing up as the expert you are & transform clicks to profit.

Book a consult today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level & with a portfolio of successful projects under our belt, you can trust that we have what it takes to help you succeed.

If you won't invest in your brand & business, why should anyone else?

Anti-Struggle Triage

starting at



It can be frustrating to invest time, money, & effort into your website, only to see low-level results. Hence why you need a strategy that goes beyond aesthetics hun. You need a plan that ensures your site is optimized for conversions.

Explore our game-changing services below:

  1. ClarityCheck™ Strategy Build Out:
    Say goodbye to confusion, & hello to clear, actionable strategy.
  2. Struggle Site Detection™ Website Audit:
    Unearth potentials hiding within your site & unleash higher performance.
  3. Struggle Site DeepScan™ VIP Day:
    Dive deep into a personalized VIP experience designed to transform your site into a conversion powerhouse.
why we remain passionate

client stories

At Bklyn Custom Designs℠, we believe that every success story has the power to ignite a spark in someone else's journey. We're proud to showcase the trailblazing journeys of our remarkable clients & Misfit Entrepreneurs who soaked up our content & invested in themselves, through our online videos, live interview shows, podcasts, events, trainings, and direct collaborations, to find their unique paths to success.
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Phyllis William-Strawder, Ghetto Country Brandmother®

"I happened to catch Charlene doing short website audits during one of her Linkedin Lives. I posted my site to be one of the audited and I am so glad I did. Based on the advice she gave I actually saw same day results."
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Julie Trombley, Tackle Your To Do • Certified Ontraport Expert

"...it couldn't come at a better time... I had just refreshed and relaunched my website... thought I had everything I needed. Going through this Struggle site Rescue™ helped me realize that there were some things that I needed to include. I was really excited to go through this..."
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Dr. Alex Rosa

"I have been impressed with all that Charlene teaches about websites, SEO, branding... all the backend, unsexy stuff about running a business... she makes it so simple and easy to understand, and it's interesting."
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Carl Shawn Watkins, Mr. Vulnerability℠

"Charlene is truly incredible, her style, knack for setting you apart and being that "Web Architect" is amazing. She put my website together with such structure and serviceability... I kicked myself for not working with her sooner because she did not disappoint."

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Resources To Dive Into

The Misfit Resources Vault™

Get exclusive access to amazing community resources in The Vault, from checklists to workshops. Transform your struggle site into a recognized brand with our DIY solutions & support – let's build the brand you envisioned!

Courses 4 Misfit Entrepreneurs™

The perfect solution to help you take action to transform struggle sites & avoid the struggle of implementation –register for a course today!

Transform Clicks to Profit™

Join the conversation on Transform Clicks To Profit: The Podcast, where we share actionable tips & engaging conversations.

Books 4 Misfit Entrepreneurs™

Books you need to launch an aligned website that converts and engages your audience.

Transforming struggle sites into profitable business assets with purposeful strategy is vital
– let's push your business forward together!

transforming clicks to profit

Client Stories

Hear from our action takers

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