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Helping you Define Your Brand


I've created some books as resources for you so you'll have two guides to help you create your own launch pad for your online business.



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Strategy Challenge

Stop the Struggle. Join one of our Brand Challenges to help you fill in the gaps of your Brand & website needs.

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The Misfit Squad™

We're creating a complimentary Brand Resources Vault of updated content for you! Launches Q1 2022!


Strategy Courses

We've launched some courses for you & are excited with results hat are happening! Want to know more? Click below!

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Clarity Podcast

We're creating a complimentary Brand Resources Vault of updated content for you! Launches Q1 2022!

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If you won't invest in your brand & yourself, why should anyone else?

Learn To Keep It Super Simple

Creating a successful and profitable e-commerce business is not always easy. Branding yourself online is not for those scared off by productive routine. Using social media for business is just one step toward success… if used properly.

One of Amazon's Bestsellers!

More Resource

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The Resources Vault™

We're creating a complimentary Brand Resources Vault of updated content for you! Launches Q1 2022!

Tech Podcast

Transform Clicks To Profit is the podcast where you get the low down on what to expect from your website & your brand.

Real Talk Live

Where Real Recognizes Real, Real Talk Live is the place for you to get the real deal on business & life expectations.

Strategy Guides

The struggle is real. For those times when you simply need quick references to guide you through, this workbook is for you!

Your Site Is Losing You Money

It's quite possible your current website is losing you money and, if you're like a lot of business owners, you might not even be aware of it.

In Turn Clicks Into Profit the strategies of successfully launching an online business are the focus to help get any Solopreneur through the twists & turns of eCommerce & transforming online visitors into returning revenue.

One of Amazon's Bestsellers!

Lo Barato Sale Caro" ("The Cheap Comes Out Expensive")

Your failure to organize should not lead to your organization's failure

what i use

Awesome Tools For Podcasting & Vlogging

Video & Audio continue to dominate in how you can grow your business & brand. Having the right tools are just a start.

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

Clear, clean images help capture attention. The camera is a great start.

Magic Mouse

Easy plug & play mouse that's also rechargeable.

Audio Technica

Have folks hang on to your every word!

Neewer 5600K

Lighting is important for high-quality videos.

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We know that your business is important to you. Stand out & implement powerful website solutions. We send you weekly updates, strategies, and special offers so you can transform your business into a profitable & memorable brand.

About Charlene

Helping you better understand the importance your website plays in your business & brand is the focus of the resources I create.

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Our Solutions

Solutions To Break the Struggle Cycle™

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Everything starts with strategy. No way around that. We help you work through it.

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Putting clarity into action makes a difference when you launch your site.

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The strategy is just the first part. When you implement, you want to create structure.

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Trainings, Workshops, & Courses are available to provide you building blocks.

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Your strategy is set & site is launched. Time to keep it on track with precision.

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Misfits Supporting Misfits™ is the focus in our Community. Join today!

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