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Book By Me, Charlene B.!

I've created some books as resources for you so you'll have two guides to help you create your own launch pad for your online business.

Learn To Keep It Super Simple

Have you grabbed your copy of Keep It Super Simple yet?

Stop struggling with creating your Personalized Branding Roadmap to online success! Learn PROVEN methods to help you build your online business into an unforgettable BRAND.

Find out how to increase your revenue, spark interest in your Brand, and much more today.

Lost In Tech Solutions?

Aren't you tired of struggling to make money from your online business?

Let me upgrade YOU!

Many Solopreneurs struggle to consider themselves as a brand. This guide contains proven steps to build strong brand recognition for you to improve profitability for your online business with minimal stress.

Creating a successful and profitable e-commerce business is not always easy. Branding yourself online is not for those scared off by productive routine. Using social media for business is just one step toward success… if used properly.

One of Amazon's Bestsellers!

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If you won't invest in your brand & yourself, why should anyone else?

Charlene Brown, Keep It Super Simple

This book is for you if you:

Your Instructions

Being a Solopreneur doesn't mean having to do it all by yourself. This book was created to provide you with solutions for your pain points.

Branding Roadmap

Launching a brand is only half the battle. Personalize your own branding strategy using proven methods to ensure that you run your business your way!

Track Your Progress

Launching a brand is not even half of what is required to make it profitable. Learn how to monetize your brand with less complications and more accuracy.

Praise From K.I.S.S. Verified Readers

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Lo Barato Sale Caro" ("The Cheap Comes Out Expensive")

Judge Marilyn Milian, The People's Court

This book is for you if you:

If you're like a lot of business owners, you might not even be aware of it. In this book, you'll discover five money-generating, web optimization strategies to transform site visitors into revenue

Your failure to organize should not lead to your organization's failure

Charlene Brown, Turn Clicks into Profit

Your Site Could Be Losing You Money

It's quite possible your current website is losing you money and, if you're like a lot of business owners, you might not even be aware of it.

Have you built a web site or an online business and aren't getting the traffic and visitors that you need? Or, are the prospects who are visiting your site not buying the products and services you have for sale?

In this book, you'll discover five money-generating, web optimization strategies to transform site visitors into revenue.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Launching an online business requires more than only creating a website and a logo.

In Turn Clicks Into Profit the strategies of successfully launching an online business are the focus to help get any Solopreneur through the twists & turns of eCommerce & transforming online visitors into returning revenue.

Grab your copy of Turn Clicks into Profit: 5 Money-Generating, Web Optimization Strategies to Transform Site Visitors into Revenue

One of Amazon's Bestsellers!

Guide at Your Fingertips

With so many moving pieces to building & launching an online business, you will have your own guide for the process at your fingertips.

Rundown of Website Concepts

You don't have to be a tech expert to know what some of the website development & design concepts are. This book will help you talk with your developer & designer!

Weekly Progress Goals

With all you have to do, why not break it into bite-size pieces? You're tasks are broken down into 4 weeks so you can manage them as goals to keep you on track!

Praise From T.C.I.P. Verified Readers

Both Books Are On Kindle Too!

Download your copy today!

Download your copy today!

More Praise From Verified Readers

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About the Author

Here's a little about me, Charlene, founder or Bklyn Custom Designs & the person excited to help you get your Branding together & launched!

Charlene V Brown Website Conversion Strategist Supporting Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions

Charlene Brown

Founder Full -Stack Developer Lead Creative Author

Charlene Brown  helps her clients launch functional, responsive WordPress websites.

A woman of many hats, she strives to excel at all that she does, especially for her clients.

Creative • Branding Strategist • Web Designer • Web Developer • Graphic Designer • Video Producer • Solopreneur • Author

As founder and CEO of Bklyn Custom Designs, LLC, assisting Solopreneurs, like you, get beyond the tech is Charlene's mission. Guiding you to transform clicks into profit is her passion.

With almost two decades of experience in web design and development, branding, graphic design, & promo video creation allows Charlene to support Solopreneurs who know the importance and vitality of proper branding to their companies but are overwhelmed with the amount of work & technology it takes to accomplish this.

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