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Are you a powerhouse consultant or coach, with your schedule bursting at the seams but feeling bogged down by the ever-shifting tides of social media?

Dive headfirst into the realm of Evergreen Solutions and step into a universe where your website matches the intensity of your hustle.

Let's not allow a lackluster site to cramp your style! It's time to break free and conquer the digital world on your terms.

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Th Brand Misfit™ Charlene Brown, Founder and CTO of Bklyn Custom Designs℠

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Step into Your Credibility

Discover your tailored pathway to aligning tech with your brand, honing a strategy that fits you like a glove, and stepping into a world where your website becomes your most potent ally with evergreen solutions.
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When you have clarity around your brand & tech, you have control of how you implement them both into your ultimate strategy.

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Tech & automation can be amazing, especially in your business. However, it can be a struggle you are left unsure which tech to invest in.

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We love to flip the game on its head when it comes to how we infuse tech & brand strategy. Time to make your mark.

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about the Brand Misfit™…

I'm a B.E.A.S.T. at what I do

I'm the Brand Misfit™, Charlene, your guiding force in the world of clarity, brand, and tech synergy.

Guiding booked-out women consultants and coaches to develop evergreen solutions is one of my superpowers.

• founder & CTO of Bklyn Custom Designs™.
• clarity, tech, & brand strategist.
• WordPress expert.
• tech implementation expert.


Website Remix

Transform Your Online Presence

Navigate the digital terrain with confidence, backed by dedicated team, skilled in brand development, website copywriting, SEO, and strategy, dedicated to morphing your online visibility from a weak digital brochure to an pivotal chapter of your brand’s narrative.

Book a consultation or visit our service page to jumpstart your journey from obscurity to spotlight.

Our Services

Anti-Struggle Life™ Solutions

evergreen solutions made for you

Your customized blueprint to a tech-driven, optimized brand experience, minus the overwhelm. Navigate your tech & brand journey with confidence.
More Evergreen Solutions

Solutions to TechBlocks™

We understand the importance of having a website that's not only fly, but drives results. Check out our resources specifically created for Misfit Entrepreneurs™ like you!

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Misfit Squad™ Community

Join a network of powerhouse women stepping into tech-powered brand dominance, together. Training, support, solidarity - it’s all here.

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Anti-Struggle Life™ Blog

Stay informed, empowered, and ahead of the curve. Every post is a step closer to your untethered, brand-powered future.

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Follow ‘Transform Clicks To Profit™’ & ‘Clarity with Charlene™’. Your audio companions in your journey from booked-out to breakout.

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If you won't invest in your brand & business, why should anyone else?

Partners & Projects

We understand how important your online presence is, and We're committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Selected Projects

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Unleash your brand's fullest potential with Bklyn Custom Designs™, where we transform struggle sites™ into powerful tools of engagement and profit with evergreen solutions. Each project is a well-framed journey, turning unique visions into a compelling digital narrative. Book a consult to step into a world where tech amplifies your brand, ensuring every click resonates with your Misfit Energy™.
why we remain passionate

client stories

At Bklyn Custom Designs™, we believe that every success story has the power to ignite a spark in someone else's journey. We're proud to showcase the trailblazing journeys of our remarkable clients & Misfit Entrepreneurs™ who soaked up our content & invested in themselves, through our online videos, live interview shows, podcasts, events, trainings, and direct collaborations, to find their unique paths to success.
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Phyllis William-Strawder, Ghetto Country Brandmother®

"I happened to catch Charlene doing short website audits during one of her Linkedin Lives. I posted my site to be one of the audited and I am so glad I did. Based on the advice she gave I actually saw same day results."
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Julie Trombley, Tackle Your To Do • Certified Ontraport Expert

"...it couldn't come at a better time... I had just refreshed and relaunched my website... thought I had everything I needed. Going through this Struggle site Rescue™ helped me realize that there were some things that I needed to include. I was really excited to go through this..."
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Dr. Alex Rosa

"I have been impressed with all that Charlene teaches about websites, SEO, branding... all the backend, unsexy stuff about running a business... she makes it so simple and easy to understand, and it's interesting."
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Carl Shawn Watkins, Mr. Vulnerability℠

"Charlene is truly incredible, her style, knack for setting you apart and being that "Web Architect" is amazing. She put my website together with such structure and serviceability... I kicked myself for not working with her sooner because she did not disappoint."

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