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- Charlene V. Brown, full-stack web developer

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several Branding Solutions unique to your business

Branding your website should be as unique as you are. We go through details to get this right so you are represented as the expert you are. Branding solutions unique to your business is just a click away.

Providing branding solutions & website development for Black Solopreneurs

Brand Identity

Building your business should not be done haphazardly. Strategy is everything if you want to be successful and focused. Part of this strategy is pulling your brand identity together and creating a cohesive story and message. From your strategy to your presentation, Bklyn Custom Designs will help you accomplish this.

Web Development & Design

Your website should be the Ground 0 of your business. Regardless if you're brick & mortar or strictly online, you should have a dependable base that helps you dictate your online presence and allows you to display your authority without competition. Learn more below on how we can help you.

Bklyn Custom Designs | Website Development and Design Solutions
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Visual Design

Brand stories are best told with a visual component. Part of this is to create a consistent visual companion to anything that you do for your business – ads, blogs, promotions, just to name a few. Visual design helps you get your message across to your audience while grabbing their attention through the noise.

Video Promo Production

Video has made an impact on the world and there is no reason why Solopreneurs shouldn't take full advantage of this opportunity to communicate with their audiences. We'll help you create amazing promos, logo stingers, and video intros to help you tell your story and make a great impression. An ultimate upgrade as a Branding Solution!

If you won't invest in your brand & business, why should anyone else?

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Charlene V Brown Full-Stack Website Developer

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