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Things You Should Know


Here's where you'll find information to our most frequently asked questions FAQs.



With our passion for merging design, branding, & functionality together, Bklyn Custom Designs is capable of helping Solopreneurs shape their online persona. Our dedication to the process, top quality, and attention to details is our way of ensuring that we give our best to every project we work on.

We can work on any platforms but we specialize in WordPress (.org) development & design.

We recommend recreating your website to fit the direction your website is in and where you plan on going. Revamping your site is strongly recommended every 1 – 2 years. Rebranding your site comes if your business has completely shifted.

Everything you do in your business should lead to a conversion. Which type is up to you and the goals you've set. We help you support those goals through your website.

Yes. All that you do online should lead back to you with a clarity of who you are. Why not on your own terms? We help you get that done.

No. Our Brand services all come as a complete whole. We ensure that your Brand is treated as one and not in pieces.

Depends. We only offer website support to WordPress.org clients. These are clients who are on their own hosting plan. We do not support .com service providers such as Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly.


Yes, but only for project's $5000 or less.

The deposit is non-refundable because it books time for your project to be scheduled and the logistics planned out. Time cannot be refunded just as the deposit. Once the project is completed and approved, the balance payment is due before the release of any project to clients.

NSFs (Insufficient Funds)/Returned electronic payments incur a $39 fee; your project will be halted until the NSF fee plus full project costs are received via PayPal, Chase Zelle.

Any expenses, out of pocket court or arbitration costs or otherwise, associated with canceled, agreed to, or unpaid projects requiring civil processing between “the client” and “the entity” will be billed to the expense of “the client”.

If final processes have begun on any website, graphic design or branding project, coaching sessions, or social media project, all monies paid will be retained to settle any outstanding services rendered plus any non-refundable deposits, prior to any tentative refund.

All design projects considered for partnership with Bklyn Custom Designs are assessed by project requirements.

We do not assess based on hourly assumptions.

If projects go over time due to Client abandonment, there will be a fee assessed and your project may be cancelled.

Yes. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required on all projects ranging from $1500 and up.

For projects that do not meet the deposit requirements, those payments are due in full.

We prefer and accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal Credit, Discover via PayPal and Stripe. We also accept electronic payments via Chase Zelle as a last resort.
*However, these payment options do not initiate your project until your payment clears. They also will not allow your project to continue unless each payment clears. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Invoices are due upon receipt, payments are preferred via Stripe. PayPal or Chase Zelle payments are secondary. We do not initiate projects until payments are cleared.

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Yes. All websites designed by Bklyn Custom Designs include light, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as on-page keyword use, optimized header tags, use of meta tags, on-page descriptions, in-page links to sites within your network, social media platform linking, and site wide keywords and descriptions.

If a client requires additional SEO, Traffic Increasing measures, or Social Media Connective options, we are more than happy to consider advanced options or even direct you toward options outside of our network whereby the pricing would be strictly between “the client” and that vendor.

Yes, most definitely! If that is your ultimate desire and request.

We find that building websites on platforms such as WordPress to be more USER-FRIENDLY than on any other platforms because this allows the client to have more control over daily updates and small changes if they have time and choose to do so. This also allows the client to completely own their own content & decide how it's displayed to the world.

Regardless of when you choose to update your website yourself, additional training beyond the 3 months included, can be purchased. Please call for more information on the WordPress Support Training.

With no regret, we inform you that we do not work with companies dealing in harmful, unlawful, or questionable material.

If it is found that your material is indeed or becomes questionable in nature, you will find that future services with this “entity” will be denied, as well as any link associated with this website, entity, etc will become non-existent.

No. Due to the nature of our work, refunds are not offered.

Yes. An agreement (whether Scope of Work via eMail or PayPal invoice with the project details listed, or a formal Bklyn Custom Designs annual agreement in full) is required on all projects designed by this entity.

Most projects will have only 2 revisions.

Additional revisions are available for an additional fee.


Yes. An agreement (whether Scope of Work via eMail or PayPal invoice with the project details listed, or a formal Bklyn Custom Designs annual agreement in full) is required on all projects designed by this entity.

Usage, ownership, and designed website layouts and artwork are the products & possessions of “the entity” (as in Bklyn Custom Designs) until finalized & authorized by release notification to the client

Bklyn Custom Designs DOES NOT AND WILL NOT RELEASE designing artwork files (noted as “raw” editable files) because these are our personal customized and or “native” files which would allow an individual to either alter your logo or replicate my work efforts. Our work will not and shall not be given away unless previously discussed with and approved by Bklyn Custom Designs in written form. Nonnegotiable and I will entertain frivolously. Releasing your .eps file to a vendor to replicate a design for you is permitted.

More detail are found in our contract.

All cancellations must be in writing. There must also be a 30-days notice for monthly clients and 60-days notice for annual clients.

All incomplete payments must be made in full before cancellation request is honored.

Most projects will have only 2 revisions.

Additional revisions are available for an additional fee.

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Optimizing your website allows visitors to move around the site swiftly and with ease. Less frustrated customers viewing your site leads to potential increases in your sales and possible new leads for your business.

Responsive Websites:

Responsive websites have a fluid build that allows various devices to access the website and content on the website with little loss of visibility. These templates are designed to look optimal on various devices.

Mobile Websites:

Mobile websites are specifically created as minimized websites that are built only for mobile devices (i.e. smartphones & tablets). Unlike responsive websites, mobile sites are usually not meant to be viewed on desktop or laptop computers and require separate web template development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The concept of presenting quality content that allows Internet search engines to locate and identify information unique to your website and favorable to cataloging thus making your web content searchable. SEO can be accomplished through organic and free measures and helps to increase a website's Internet visibility rankings.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

The form of marketing a website through SEO and paid advertising measures. Some options for paid advertising include Google AdWords, which is a type of Pay Per Click (PPC) program.

After spending so much time on your website, wouldn't you would like to make sure that it looks optimal on default browsers and standard devices? With the introduction of so many new ways to surf the Internet, consumers are presented with various ways to research and contact businesses. Bklyn Custom Designs is here to help!

The cheap comes out expensive when you fail to take your brand & business seriously.

Yo, can't copy the content of this site.


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