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Empower Your Digital Visibility

Struggle Site Rehab™️

Struggling to make an impact with your website?

Our Struggle Site Rehab™ offers custom website development and design to turn your site into a key business asset.

Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to a website that is aligned with your brand and ready to convert visitors into clients.

Some key benefits from our process:
• Clarity sessions focused on your brand & business
• Custom website development based on your key needs
• Tailored design to reflect your brand & objectives
• Conversion-optimized layouts to assist you reaching your goals
• Mobile responsiveness & Accessibility focused

Your website should be your home base. Need to get on track? Reserve your spot for your project today!

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SRe / Struggle Site Rehab™

Our Services Supporting Your Increased Website Conversion

AST / Anti-Struggle Triage™

Clarity: Get Crystal Clear on Your Moves

The Anti-Struggle Triage™️

Tired of having a beautiful site that doesn't convert visitors into customers?
It can be frustrating to invest time, money, & effort into your website, only to see low-level results. Hence why you need a strategy that goes beyond aesthetics hun. You need a plan that ensures your site is optimized for conversions.
At Bklyn Custom Designs℠, we understand the importance of having a website that's not only fly, but also drives results.

Welcome to The Anti-Struggle Triage™, where we empower Misfit Entrepreneurs™ with exceptional strategies. Ready to up-level your game? Included in this service:

  1. ClarityCheck™ Strategy Build Out:
    Say goodbye to confusion, & hello to clear, actionable strategy.
  2. Struggle Site Detection™ Website Audit:
    Unearth potentials hiding within your site & unleash higher performance.
  3. Struggle Site DeepScan™ VIP Day:
    Dive deep into a personalized VIP experience designed to transform your site into a conversion powerhouse.

Take your first step on this transformation journey with us today!

Empowering Your Credibility

Credibility Builder™️

It's time to elevate your brand identity. With our Credibility Builder™ services, we'll amplify your visibility, realign your brand, and optimize your online presence.

Choosing to collab with us is choosing to develop a fully realized brand presence. We're here to guide your elevation, enabling you to shine in the spotlights designed specifically for you. Here's a glimpse of what our process entails for the bold Misfit Entrepreneur™ in you:

• Strategies focused on reinforcing your brand's unique attributes
• Tailored recommendations to enhance your brand's visibility
• Services designed to realign and recover your brand's image
• SEO-optimized solutions to boost your online presence

Discover the transformative power of our Credibility Builder™ service.

Included in this service:

1. VocalElevation™️ Podcast Production:
Amplify your voice with a tailored podcast.
2. Struggle Brand Therapy™:
Boost your brand's visibility and align it with your mission.
3. Struggle Project Cure™:
Streamline your projects to match your Brand Energy™.
4. SEO Synced™️ SEO Optimized:
Increase your digital footprint with our SEO services.

African host woman recording podcast using mobile phone at home studio - Business, podcaster tech

CB / Credibility Builder™

OP / Our Process

Defying the Norm, Empowering the Misfit

Our Process

how we work

At Bklyn Custom Designs℠, we believe in the power of individuality and the strength of your unique vision. As Misfit Entrepreneurs™, your unconventional approach is your biggest asset, and we're here to help you utilize it to its fullest potential.

Our aim? Boosting your brand's reach and enhancing your website's conversion rate. But remember, we don't work in isolation. Your ideas, your passion, and your collaboration are the backbone of our shared success.

Ready to redefine your brand's digital visibility?

Here's a glimpse of how we roll:

  1. Review our offers based on your needs;
  2. Apply for an offer;
  3. Show up with an open mind;
  4. Be prepared to do the work;
  5. Set realistic Tech Expectations; and
  6. Get you ready for launch.
Clarity Strategy™ Sessions

Pick My Brain;
Book Your Anti-Struggle Triage

Calling all Misfit Entrepreneurs™!

Stop struggling with your website. Jump on an Anti-Struggle Triage™ session and discover how to transform your struggle site into a prime business asset & your ultimate brand ambassador. It's the perfect opportunity to pick my brain and get the strategy you need to take your business to the next level & grow your brand visibility.
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Charlene Brown the Brand Misfit aligning your website to your business

Uniqueness at its Best: Showcasing Our Tailored Solutions

Recent Projects

Your journey is uniquely yours, marked by distinct vibes, needs, and project requirements. Here, we celebrate that individuality through a showcase of our uniquely tailored projects.

Explore how our services can catalyze your website's conversion rate. Tap the button below to embark on a quick tour through our impressive portfolio!


Branded Like A Boss: J3fe Media

Struggle Site Rehab™


Simplifying Tech for Brand Misfits


260 +
Laqueshia B.
Laqueshia B.
LQB Design Solutions, CEO • Website Designer
Read More
I've known Charlene for 7 years and hired her to create a promo video for me so I could promote my website design business. I would work with her again because of the professionalism and the depth of knowledge that the she has. Charlene is very determined to deliver a product that will move her client's business to the next level and for that I would be proud to recommend her to others.
Ruby C.
Ruby C.
Sly Magazine, Fashion Editor
Read More
...Charlene helped set a clear vision for the development of the website, including SEO development and direct marketing strategies. I would work with them again because Charlene is on the pulse of digital trends, which is important for a small company and I highly recommend them.
Simone K.
Simone K.
Own Your Power, Life Coach • Reiki Master
Read More
I was looking to improve my website and optimize it for videos and give it a fresh new vibe. I am dancing in the streets with joy! They provided nothing but excellence.

Our Solutions

Solutions To Break the Struggle Cycle™

Young happy Asian woman working on laptop during her breakfast at home.

Everything starts with strategy. No way around that. We help you work through it.

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Putting clarity into action makes a difference when you launch your site.

Brand Misfit saying yes to joining the Simplified TechFlow™ Training

The strategy is just the first part. When you implement, you want to create structure.

Smiling black woman with laptop at home

Trainings, Workshops, & Courses are available to provide you building blocks.

Window, laptop and coffee shop with a black woman blogger drinking a beverage during remote work. I

Your strategy is set & site is launched. Time to keep it on track with precision.

Three mixed race hispanic and black women bonding at home

Misfits Supporting Misfits™ is the focus in our Community. Join today!

Yo, can't copy the content of this site.


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