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The purpose behind Bklyn Custom Designs

Bklyn Custom Designs Branding Solopreneurs and Launching WordPress Websites

MY Vision

Solopreneurs launching strategically, branded websites without being stressed by tech.

My Mission

Building & launching strategic websites while allowing Solopreneurs to focus on what they love to do in their businesses. Elevating Solopreneurs’ online presence through strategic, visual branding.

I’ve struggled with learning too let go & trust others to handle sections of my business I just didn’t like. For example: I hate tax season. So instead of DIYing my way through frustration & constantly updated tax laws, I turned to an expert to take that over. I still ask & learn about updates in tax laws, but now I  have an expert to break things down & handle the “heavy lifting” for me.

I used to file without paper receipts and cross my fingers as I pressed the submit button. But now I don’t have to worry about doing things wrong or missing a tax opportunity.

I help my clients launch functional, stunningly amazing WordPress websites that help them win.

My aim is to remove website frustration my clients face so they don’t worry about missing opportunities & focus on what they love most about their businesses.

Branding goes beyond basic logos & websites, it’s about the full package we present to the world & our clients and I want to help Solopreneurs show up focused & ready to succeed.

I’ve been fortunate to have a circle of people (family & friends) willing, able, & ready to help me succeed, so naturally I have to pay that fortune forward.

I love helping Solopreneurs grow their business, get beyond the tech, and establish a sustainable brand.

I continue to enjoy helping Solopreneurs  like you for almost 20 years to brand themselves online using my fly skills that include: Brand Development, Full-Stack Website Development, WordPress Development & Design, Graphics Design, & much more.

If you know you're ready to take your online Brand & website to the next level, let my team and I take care of the tech hassle while you focus on what you love to do most in your business.

I am A

Full-Stack Developer Creative Realist Wordpress Developer Brand Consultant Brand Developer Brand Designer Graphic Designer Video Promo Creator Solopreneur

I branched out to learn, not only updated coding languages, but the best practices to coding and UI/UX design. I've also learned to incorporate how website design & the psychology of visitors work together to deliver the ultimate experience while having visitors convert and do as the business owners needs them to do.

After working with so many frustrated Solopreneurs, I realized that they were quickly losing interest in their businesses and missing online opportunities. Not because they didn’t want to take part in the innovation, rather they didn’t have the time to learn it all and stay on top of the changes.

I’m also an Amazon bestselling author of two books: Keep It Super Simple and Turn Clicks Into Profit.

Charlene V Brown Full-Stack Website Developer
Satisfied Clients
Shots o' Whisky

When you invest in your brand seriously, it shows in everything you do. When you play games with your brand, it shows through too.

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- Charlene V. Brown, full-stack web developer

Launching WordPress Websites for Solopreneurs
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Creating a brand goes beyond getting more people to see your site or selling stuff.

Building your brand is about attracting qualified clients & leveraging good experiences they have with you in order to build brand trust with them and gain future connections & sales.

No two projects are the same and you have different vibes, needs, & requirements for your own projects. Here is a showcase of a few of our awesome projects.

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A Touch of What I'm dope at

My fly skills

Full-Stack Web Developer
Graphic Designer
Video Promo Producer
Brand Strategist
Brand Designer
WordPress Expert
Charlene V. Brown Founder of Bklyn Custom Desgigns and Full-Stack Website Developer
Helping Solopreneurs with Strategic Branding
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Happy Clients


Brand Consultant & Designer

Part of being consistent includes your branding. We can help you do that!


Full Stack Developer

Web development & design constantly changes; so should your website.


Video Promo Producer

Mini-Commercials help you express yourself & educate your clients.


graphic designer

Visuals help ensure that your ideas translate visually with Clarity.


wordpress expert

20 years and counting. We stay up-to-date with WordPress' Evolving Journey


Author & Blogger

Two times Best-selling Amazon author & WordPress & Branding blogger on deck

Creating visual graphics for Solopreneurs

visual designs packages

Visuals should represent your brand & help you tell your full story.

create your visuals

We've cultivated packages for your visual branding so that you have what you need to launch strong.
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Video Promo production

Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand's story quickly and effectively.

Launch your videos

Promote your business, events, and specials using video promos for your brand.
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My History

Experience & Credentials -

WordPress Lifer

Over 20 years of WordPress Expertise at your service. Helping you create & launch a website built for your brand.

peace of mind

Not sure how to bring your website dreams to reality? no worries, we can help!

simple, no stress

Taking over the website tech so you don't have to stress.

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