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Charlene V. Brown

Founder Website Architect WordPress Maven

I love supporting six-figure Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions, using their businesses, & brands for profitability and growth, get beyond the tech, and establish sustainable brands.

I remove website frustration so you don’t worry about missing opportunities & focus on what you love most about your businesses while supporting your Level Up.

Branding goes beyond basic logos & websites. It’s about the full package we present to the world & the experience we create for our clients.

I help you show up focused & aligned through your website so you can crush your goals.

Full-Stack Web Developer
Website Strategist
Graphic Designer
Food Critic
WordPress Expert
Brand Strategist
Book Author
Liqour Critic
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Supporting you increase web conversions

The purpose behind Bklyn Custom Designs

Bklyn Custom Designs Branding Solopreneurs and Launching WordPress Websites

MY Vision

Supporting high-earning Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions by building their website conversion strategies so they can increase profitability rather than continue to stumble through tech; stunting their authority and sustainability.

My Mission

Assisting high-earning Women Entrepreneurs ready to level up their businesses relaunch their websites strategically for high conversion & sustainability. Allowing them to focus on what they love to do in their businesses.

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Where it all began

Portrait of a beautiful black woman.

Not so long ago...

Over seven years ago I desired to help my fellow Black Women Solopreneurs stop struggling with tech so they can step up their online presence and be seen as experts in their industries.

Then we leveled up...

Now my team & I go beyond web development & design. We support high-earning Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions using their business, brand, & marketing strategies so they are seen, elevated, high-converting, profitable, and sustainable.

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When you seriously invest in your brand, it shows in everything you do. When you play games with your brand, it shows through too.

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- Charlene V. Brown, full-stack web developer

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Experience & Credentials -

WordPress Maven

Over two decades of WordPress Expertise at your service. Supporting Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions.

peace of mind

Not sure how to bring your website dreams to reality? no worries, we can help!

simple, no stress

Taking over the website tech strategy so you don't have to stress.

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Helping Solopreneurs with Strategic Branding
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Happy Clients


Full-Stack Developer

Web development & design constantly changes; so should your website.


Web Converstion Strategist

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs by aligning websites for high conversions.


Brand Consultant & Designer

Part of being consistent includes your branding. We can help you do that!


wordpress expert

over 2 decades & counting. We stay up-to-date with WordPress' Evolving Journey.


Video Promo Producer

Mini-Commercials help you express yourself & educate your clients.


Author & Blogger

Two times Best-selling Amazon author & WordPress & Branding blogger on deck



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