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Empowering Your Business Through Strategic Web Design

Welcome to Bklyn Custom Designs™, your one-stop destination for transforming your website into a powerful brand ambassador. Led by Charlene Brown, a Clarity, Brand, & Tech Strategist & CTO with over two decades of experience, we specialize in providing Anti-Struggle Site™ solutions for businesses led by folks who identify as Misfits in their lives & businesses.

Client Partners

Brand, & Tech Strategist
Full-Stack Web Developer
Podcast Host
WordPress Expert
Keynote Speaker
Bestselling Author
Charlene Brown the Brand Misfit aligning your website to your business

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Charlene Brown

2+ Decades in the Making

The Brand Misfit™ has been 2+ decades in the making as I love to learn the rules & break them with a purpose to support business development.

Branding goes beyond basic logos & websites. It’s about the full package we present to the world & the experience we create for our clients.

I launched The Anti-Struggle Life™ to create a Blueprint for Misfit Entrepreneurs™ (yeah, you) & guide you in aligning your site to your business while overcoming TechHurt™ & TechTrauma™.

This allows you to show up focused & aligned so you can crush those business goals and gain credibility & visibility online. You've got this!

Our Passion Behind Aligning Your Site To Your Business

When Only Strategy Will Do!

Our services include custom web design, brand strategy, and full-stack web development, focusing on aligning your site to your business goals and brand vision.

We guide Misfit Entrepreneurs™ (like you) transitioning into consulting, coaching, & speaking lives by aligning your site to your business for increased conversions. Supporting you getting beyond the tech so you can focus on building business & brand visibility, credibility; all on your own terms.

Our Vision

For Misfit Entrepreneurs™ transitioning into consulting, coaching, or speaking, our goal is to guide you through the process of aligning your site with your business for increased conversions. We'll support you navigating through the tech, allowing you to concentrate on building your business and brand visibility, credibility, and sustainability.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the removal of the frustrations that come with site development and design. We want to enable more Misfit Entrepreneurs™ to achieve their business and life goals by making strategy the cornerstone of design and tech, so it aligns with your bottom line. This way, you can concentrate on doing what you love in your businesses, minus the tech headaches.

Our Purpose & Start

Where it all began

Portrait of a beautiful black woman.

Not so long ago...

Almost a decade ago I desired to support my fellow Black Women Solopreneurs to stop struggling with tech so they built their online visibility and be seen as experts in their industries.

Our next level

Then we leveled up...

Now we go beyond web development & design. We support you during your transition into your desired lives by aligning your site to their business using purpose-driven strategies.

Misfit Entrepreneur™ working on laptop booking our services
why we remain passionate

client stories

At Bklyn Custom Designs™, we believe that every success story has the power to ignite a spark in someone else's journey. We're proud to showcase the trailblazing journeys of our remarkable clients & Misfit Entrepreneurs™ who soaked up our content & invested in themselves, through our online videos, live interview shows, podcasts, events, trainings, and direct collaborations, to find their unique paths to success.
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Phyllis William-Strawder, Ghetto Country Brandmother®

"I happened to catch Charlene doing short website audits during one of her Linkedin Lives. I posted my site to be one of the audited and I am so glad I did. Based on the advice she gave I actually saw same day results."
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Julie Trombley, Tackle Your To Do • Certified Ontraport Expert

"...it couldn't come at a better time... I had just refreshed and relaunched my website... thought I had everything I needed. Going through this Struggle site Rescue™ helped me realize that there were some things that I needed to include. I was really excited to go through this..."
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Dr. Alex Rosa

"I have been impressed with all that Charlene teaches about websites, SEO, branding... all the backend, unsexy stuff about running a business... she makes it so simple and easy to understand, and it's interesting."
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Carl Shawn Watkins, Mr. Vulnerability℠

"Charlene is truly incredible, her style, knack for setting you apart and being that "Web Architect" is amazing. She put my website together with such structure and serviceability... I kicked myself for not working with her sooner because she did not disappoint."
The Anti-Struggle Life™

Our Services & Resources

Remember, a serious investment in your brand reflects in everything you do. When you're committed to your brand, it shows. Let us help you show the world how serious you are about your business.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Don't let tech be a barrier to your success. Let us help you create a website that truly reflects your brand now.

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When you seriously invest in your brand, it shows in everything you do. When you play games with your brand, it shows through too.

- Charlene Brown, The Brand Misfit™ • Clarity, Brand, & Tech Strategist • WordPress Specialist

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Simplifying Tech for
Misfit Entrepreneurs™


360 +
Laqueshia B.
Laqueshia B.
LQB Design Solutions, CEO • Website Designer
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I've known Charlene for 7 years and hired her to create a promo video for me so I could promote my website design business. I would work with her again because of the professionalism and the depth of knowledge that the she has. Charlene is very determined to deliver a product that will move her client's business to the next level and for that I would be proud to recommend her to others.
Ruby C.
Ruby C.
Sly Magazine, Fashion Editor
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...Charlene helped set a clear vision for the development of the website, including SEO development and direct marketing strategies. I would work with them again because Charlene is on the pulse of digital trends, which is important for a small company and I highly recommend them.
Simone K.
Simone K.
Own Your Power, Life Coach • Reiki Master
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I was looking to improve my website and optimize it for videos and give it a fresh new vibe. I am dancing in the streets with joy! They provided nothing but excellence.

Our Solutions

Solutions To Break the Struggle Cycle™

Young happy Asian woman working on laptop during her breakfast at home.

Everything starts with strategy. No way around that. We help you work through it.

Black woman sitting on windowsill, say hello, talking on video chat with her friends on laptop

Putting clarity into action makes a difference when you launch your site.

Brand Misfit saying yes to joining the Simplified TechFlow™ Training

Strategy is just the start. When you implement, you want to create structure.

Smiling black woman with laptop at home

Trainings & Workshops meant to provide you with brand building blocks.

Window, laptop and coffee shop with a black woman blogger drinking a beverage during remote work. I

Your strategy is set & site is launched. Time to keep it on track with precision.

Three mixed race hispanic and black women bonding at home

Misfits Supporting Misfits™ is the focus in our Community. Join today!

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