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Hair Image, Inc.

Hair Image, Inc. needed an elegant, fun, and professional way to represent their not-for-profit organization. See what we came up with!

Purpose & Objective

Brand Identity

Logo development to help establish a brand in a unique, memorable way

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Project Description

About client

Hair Image, Inc. is dedicated to helping women fighting any type of cancer feel amazing by providing them high-quality wigs.

What we did

Bklyn Custom Designs was approached to help bring the idea of providing high-quality wigs to women in need to proper representation in their logo without losing the true meaning and dedication of Hair Image, Inc. to cancer survivors.

We pulled in some ideas and kept the overall imagery clean to provide the fun, unique, and professional logo.

Project Details


overcoming problems

Bringing a new twist to a concept that allowed the Brand to stand out as unique and reflect the passion held for a special cause.

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