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Starting and maintaining a profitable online business can be daunting and intimidating. Helping Solopreneurs establish Brand Authority and raise Online Visibility while improving their Profitability without feeling overwhelmed are some of the reasons Bklyn Custom Designs was founded.

After working with various small businesses in our community, it quickly became evident that many Solopreneurs felt overwhelmed and technologically paralyzed with the various options on the market to help with self-promotion, team and relationship building, and launching successful businesses.

Seeing fellow Solopreneurs struggle with the day-to-day tasks of running a business on their own and not seeing it become profitable was a sore point for me and I wanted to do something about that.

No one should be hindered by technology when trying to build a better life for themselves. With the ever-changing landscape, Bklyn Custom Designs will ensure that you remain in-the-know and ahead of the game.

Our purpose simplified

Our Beliefs

01 Communication

Clear communication means the world to us. Without that any project can get out of control. We want everyone to have clarity in what the end goals are; especially for our clients.

02 Honesty

No relationship can thrive on dishonesty. We like our clients to be aware of the best possibilities (good & bad) while knowing their projects are safe with us.

03 Creativity

Creativity needs to be allowed to flow. The process doesn't have to be “out-of-this-world” but we love when we can let our imagination fly to the benefit of our clients.

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Creating a brand goes beyond getting more people to see your site or selling stuff.

Building your brand is about attracting qualified clients & leveraging good experiences they have with you in order to build brand trust with them and gain future connections & sales.

No two projects are the same and you have different vibes, needs, & requirements for your own projects. Here is a showcase of a few of our awesome projects.

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