Website Development Collaboration Project

Mommy, Milk, & Me Inc.

purpose & objective

Website Development Collaboration

Website development projects are filled with many opportunities & hiccups but are best when done in well-executed collaborations.


What we did

Mommy, Milk, & Me, Inc was in need of website development.One of our design partners, Creative Anhk Designs, was lead on this fun, collaborative project to bring Mommy, Milk, & Me, Inc into a more responsive and accessible realm for their clients and online visitors. Bklyn Custom Designs was proud to lend our skills to this wonderful project.



overcoming problems

We had to get the focus to be on the information of the website while presenting it in a modern way. The old site felt outdated and not user-friendly on getting through the different sections of the website that was important to users and the business.

Client Solutions

results showcase

Now that you've got the rundown of the project check out some of the live action of how things turned out. The possibilities are endless – & that's how we like 'em!

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