While reading The Side Hustle Path Vol. 2 I learned of Matt Giovanisci, founder or Swim University who used his unemployment to help bootstrap his business to success and create a Power Brand.

Making Boss Moves

In an unusual, yet productive, move Matt decided that after losing his job he would focus his efforts, time, and finances into starting his own brand. He made his money work for him rather than the other way around. Reducing is outgoing and working the incoming funds into something of productivity, Matt was able to build an online dream.

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Many may never consider using their unemployment money to launch or feed their business. However, if you created a game plan for yourself you can supercharge your efforts to turning your side gig into a successful brand.

Get your head in the game and make your unemployment work for you. Make sure not to over-extend yourself. Try not to fall in love with every shiny object that is presented to you. I learned the hard way even though I believed I was passing up most of them.

The Rundown

Let your unemployment  be a motivating factor for you to do what you've always wanted to do. Remember that you're in a prime position to focus on what you need to do to push your side gig to the forefront and make it work. Don't forget to check out Matt's story and go here to figure out if you should ditch your 9-to-5.

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