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10 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Opt-in Offer

updated 2022-01-07
Today I thought I’d share a list of 10 different ways to drive traffic to your opt-in page with you. Give them a try and see how many new subscribers you can get today.
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Today I thought I’d share a list of 10 different ways to drive traffic to your opt-in page with you. Give them a try and see how many new subscribers you can get today. Then bookmark this post and come back to it anytime you need a little boost in subscribers.

Talk it Up On Facebook

Mention your list, what you share in your emails or your lead magnet on Facebook along with a link to your opt-in page. It’s something quick and easy you can do several times per week. Remember, not everyone sees all your Facebook posts, so it may take repeat invitations to join your list for your Facebook friends and fans sign up.

Tweet Your Opt-in Page

You can also send out regular tweets about your list and your opt-in page. Incorporate pictures when you can. Use screenshots, images of your lead magnet, or pictures that capture what your list is about.

Create Testimonial Images and Share on Pinterest and Instagrampage

Testimonials are great social proof. As you get them and add them to your site and your opt-in pages, take screenshots and share them on image-heavy social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Create Internal Links

Find older posts and articles that are topically related to your opt-in offer or the things you talk about in your emails. Work a CTA (call to action) to sign up for your list into the post along with a link to your opt-in page. You’ll get more traffic to your page right away, and it will help with SEO.

Write A New Post With The Intention Of Driving Traffic To Your Opt-in Page

Speaking of SEO and internal linking… do more of it by writing a new post with the intent of driving traffic to your opt-in page. Pick a long tail keyword that you can easily rank for to get a steady little stream of traffic to your blog and your signup page.

Include A Link To Your Opt-In Page In All Emails

Add a short note and link to your opt-in page in all emails that go out to your list. As your current subscribers forward and share your emails, these new readers can easily sign up for your list.

Write Guest Posts

Sit down and write a couple of guest posts related to your list and opt-in offer. Contact other bloggers in your niche and get them published.

Record A Video And Invite Viewers To Sign Up For Your List

If you’re focusing only on text, you may be missing out on a big segment of your market who might prefer to watch a video rather than read a paragraph or story. Grab your phone, or boot up your laptop and record a short video tip. Within the video invite readers to sign up for your list.

You can use Facebook Live, Google Hangout Life, Blab, or upload the video to YouTube and share it via social media channels. Include a clickable link to your opt-in page in the description.

Buy Ads

Sign up for Facebook or Google AdWords and get your feet wet with paid ads. Run some low-cost advertising to grow your list. If you have a strong offer in place as soon as new subscribers sign up, you should be able to quickly recoup most, if not all, of your cost while you build your list.

Link To Your Opt-in Page In Your Email Signature

Open the settings for your regular email, the one you use outside of your autoresponder messages and include a signature file with a link to your opt-in page. Invite anyone you email to sign up.

The Rundown

Regardless of what you try, you should give various options a try before ruling everything out. Even try doing things out of the box. Combine options or get creative with it all and change some things up. Whatever you do, make sure you are driving traffic, a targeted audience, back to your content. No matter how great you think your content is, it means nothing if no one reads it and takes action based on it.

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