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updated 2022-01-08
One of the things you can do to deepen a relationship with a fellow blogger and Solopreneur is to offer to host a guest blog article for them. It’s a win-win situation that helps out both of you.
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Yesterday we talked about why it is important to leverage your relationships with other bloggers and how it can help you grow. One of the things you can do to deepen a relationship with a fellow blogger and Solopreneur is to offer to host a guest blog article for them. It’s a win-win situation that helps out both of you.

Obvious Benefits

Let’s start with the obvious benefits. You get some free content for your blog. The guest blogger gets in front of your audience and a link back to his or her blog. Great. That’s a win for everyone already.

But there’s more. The guest blogger will likely promote the article to her audience, be it on social media, email, or on the blog. That helps you get more traffic, incoming links, and exposure to the other blogger's audience.

At the same time, you’re doing your regular promoting via social media and email while helping your new blogging buddy reach more people as well. That’s another huge win-win.

Huge Win for Your Audience

page 23 2Of course, your readers win as well. Not only do they get to read a great article with a new perspective they will also find a new blog they haven’t come across before.

Being someone that connects them with other great resources is just one more service you can provide to your readers that will turn them into thankful and loyal fans.

That’s a big win for both you and your readers.

Last but not least a guest blog article is a great way to introduce a fellow blogger to your audience.

If the two of you have some big plans for collaborations and cross promotions in the future, this is a great way to make the introduction to your readers in an easy-going, non-pushy way.

Promos: Product and Services

This is particularly important if your fellow Solopreneur has products and/or services you plan on promoting to your list. Spend a little time warming them up by mentioning the Solopreneur and sharing a few guest blog articles or interview articles before you start introducing his or her product.

Not only will this make your readers more comfortable, your chances of converting readers into customers will go up as your audience gets to know your fellow Solopreneur.

You can also turn the table and write guest blog articles for your fellow Solopreneurs to help their brands and audiences. Think about starting a cross-blog conversation. There are so many different ways to work together and help each other grow.

Get out there and try one or all of these action tips today!

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