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Racism: The Unacceptable Excuse

Promo to be used as Facebook Cover Art to promote upcoming book release & launch date

Purpose & Objective

Social Covers Promo

Pittershawn Palmer is prepping for her new book release called 'Racism: The Unacceptable Excuse' and I created some Social Covers to help promote her upcoming release.

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Project Description

About client

Using the colors of her book cover, I incorporated one of the lighter shades of purple to the Social Cover and placed her tagline as a main content on the cover. The CTA was placed strategically on all the covers to showcase according to the platform.

What we did

The updated versions for Facebook and LinkedIn were created so that her covers would display effortlessly across the newly designed platforms and; to take into account the various ways these social media platforms display on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Project Details


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Needed to create a site for the Doctoral students so they could see the offerings and register seamlessly for courses and coaching services.

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