[Video] Why Your Small and Local Business Needs WordPress

updated 2022-01-06
You’re struggling to get your phone to ring or emails in your inbox. Your website is floundering when it comes to getting more exposure for your products and services. You can benefit from using WordPress to help build your website.
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So, why is WordPress good for small businesses?

In order for us to understand more about the why’s, let's talk about some problems that every single business owner faces. Number 1, you may be lacking foot traffic for your website, for your product or service, or even for your local business.

You're struggling to get your phone to ring or emails in your inbox. Your website is floundering when it comes to getting more exposure for your products and services.

How Can WordPress Really Help Your Business?

After your WordPress site has been set up, it’s very, very user-friendly, and it’s very, very easy to maintain. You can either do it yourself, you can get your secretary to do it, or you can also get an employee to do it for you. Someone with basic understanding who knows how to check their email can figure out how to use WordPress fairly quickly.bklyncustomdesignsblog whyrunonwordpress banner

It’s really easy to keep your site up to date with brand new content. So, you really don’t have to be dishing out more money to hire people to edit your site. It can really be integrated with social media, which will help your site build loyal followers and get potential customers.

Other benefits of having a WordPress site include using it to grow your business and automate or semi-automate processes throughout your business. Also, search engines love WordPress as long as you use the right plugins. It’s easier for people to find your site if your site is search engine friendly because if the search engines know exactly what your site is all about, they're more likely to rank you for the proper keywords.

Lastly, it won’t break the bank. Rather than other companies trying to charge you $30k, $40, $50 for a website that might be semi-dynamic, with WordPress, you can get set up and running really, really fast with 10 to 20 times cheaper pricing. It’s mobile friendly if you use the correct WordPress theme.

Google Knows If You're Mobile-Friendly Or Not

You may or may not know this, but Google now has a tool that detects if your website is mobile friendly or not. Because everybody has moved towards utilizing mobile devices, Google now has made it a requirement for your site to be mobile- friendly. That means that if your site is not friendly or mobile on smartphone devices, you will not get the best potential rankings in the search engines themselves. So, it can also be easily integrated with a blog, and it’s easier to share your content. It’s easier to get updates from your customers.

The Rundown

Those are just a few of the many reasons why WordPress is a great platform for your small business, whether that be a local business or an online business.

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