30-Day Advanced List Building Challenge Kickoff

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While it’s not quite that easy, there’s a lot of truth in this concept you should seriously consider. Provided you build a focused list, treat them well, sincerely earn their trust, and promote quality offers

The money is in the list.” I’m sure you've heard that a time or two. Another way I’ve heard it described is that your list is like an ATM. If you need some extra cash, send out a solo email for a product and voila'… the money starts coming in.

While it’s not quite that easy, there’s a lot of truth in this concept you should seriously consider. Provided you build a focused list, treat them well, sincerely earn their trust, and promote quality offers for products they can actually use, email marketing can be one of the most profitable parts of your online business.

Where to Begin

Before you can market to your list, you need to build it. No matter where you’re at with your business, anyone can benefit from a larger, more focused list. And that’s what we’ll cover over the next 30 days for building, or rebuilding, your profitable brand.

This is a series of blog articles to help you get better at list building and to challenge you to do something every single day over the next 30 days to grow your email list. Are you game? Let's make it happen!

If you haven’t already done so, take a minute to sign up for the 30-Day Advanced List Building Challenge here. You’ll get daily reminders, additional tips, and access to a special Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat with others working on growing their lists.

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Time For An Audit

Before we dive in and start growing our lists (yes, I’m going to work on this right along with you, I can do some updates myself), it’s important to make sure everything is working the way it should. This is also very helpful to determine what you have, infrastructure and tech wise, and what you may want to add over the course of this challenge.

Speaking of our challenge and this series of blog articles about advanced list building I should mention that this challenge is not for complete beginners. I’m assuming that you already have a list set up and that you’re getting some subscribers. This challenge is all about getting better at list building and trying various different strategies to grow our lists faster. Some tech is involved so don't stress.

Back to where you’re at right now. Take a look at the list or lists you want to work with over the course of this challenge. Look at the opt-in box or opt-in page. Is it still relevant to what you do? Does it attract the right type of people into your funnel?

Sign up for your list and make sure everything is working. Take a look at your Welcome Email and Thank You Page. Click on every link to every resource you mention and check that they’re still working and that the information is still valid. Some websites go unmaintained and become irrelevant, hopefully not yours.

The Rundown

Now, before we end today, remember to fix anything that isn’t working right and start thinking about how you can improve what you have right now. Then get ready for the rest of our challenge. Come back to the blog daily, or even better, make sure you’re signed up for the 30-Day List Building Challenge here.

Charlene "Creative Naturalista" Brown

Charlene "Creative Naturalista" Brown

founder. branding consultant. web & logo designer. creator. explorer. book junkie. foodie. road trip adventurist. I love to help dreams come true and turn websites into memorable, effective brands. Here to take on the stresses that web and graphic design can bring.

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