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Your Brand May Need a Fly New Website

updated 2022-01-23
Sometimes you just need a new website because you want to give it one, but other times you need a total teardown and redesign because your old-fashioned look no longer serves your audience or brand.
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Many Solopreneurs build a website and then allow it to fade into the background. Why? Because the website is just a basic digital brochure that people view online once after seeing the URL on a business card, social media post, or in a commercial.

It is a shame and a waste of effort.

If done right, websites can work for you, not against your bottom line. They bring in business leads 24/7 when designed correctly and with functionality in mind. It's all about strategy.

If you didn’t know that or aren't seeing the results you'd like, you probably need a new website.

If you’re still not sure, consider the following:

Your Target Market Switched Up On Ya'

Over years, months, and even weeks of doing business and managing blogs, the focus of the company and blogs change to accommodate the new energy of a changed audience – whether due to a better understanding of your markets or due to a change in life, missions, products, and services. If your business has experienced this kind of change, it is vital to consider a new website design to fit. No need to force a square peg into a round hole. Renovate your online space to match your new vision!

Your Website Is Boooriiing

Check it out. Think of it as though you’re a member of your focus audience. How do you feel when you see your site? If you’re unimpressed and bored, imagine how your audience feels.

Design your website with your audience in mind. If it’s not, the audience will not feel connected.

Find ways to build connections and engagement.

Your Content Lacks Clear Focus

Another, common reason why your website is dull and not connecting with your audience: You're all over the place content wise.

While not requiring a total remake in design, if your content isn’t focused on your audience and written with them in mind, then you’ll need a complete overhaul of the content on your site. Which could mean that old articles and images you have on there may need to get scrapped or repurposed to fit the new direction in your business.

Don't be afraid to switch that up. The overhaul doesn't have to be done all at once but starts sooner rather than later to avoid overwhelm.

Your Site Has No Interaction Dude

A website with all the interactive bells and whistles and interconnectivity is the norm today. The ability to make comments, share on social media, and engage with your audience is critical to your business.

That's your “financial lifeline.” If your website lacks this ability, it’s imperative that you update today. Otherwise, why even have a website?

You're ignoring New Technology Missy

Is your shopping cart, newsletter, blogging style, or content management system outdated? If it’s been a few years since you updated the technology on your site, then it is time to consider making some updates.

From WordPress to your computer software, think of paying for those upgrades or checking to see if you have some new, free versions available for you to install.

Most often, you simply need to switch to different software or apps to make your website outstanding and your ability to manage it seamless and stress-free.

Your Search Engine Ranking Is Nonexistent

Speaking of outdated technology; perhaps that's why Google can't find you. Old tech has issues with keeping up with new search engine technology such as switched algorithms and such.

Plus, if your website looks and feels outdated to visitors who do find it won't stick around. Think of all those websites that aren't even mobile ready yet. With all the new advancements made, most themes come mobile ready out-of-the-box without work on your end.

Considering that upgrade yet? No? Let's talk Responsive.

Your Website Is Not Responsive

More and more people are using mobile technology to access websites than ever before. In fact, mobile technology is helping businesses make quick sales, so customers are no longer wait until they hit a desktop or laptop before buying those shoes or booking that 8-day vacay cruise with their honey.

If your audience clicks through to your site and cannot read it or buy from you, they most likely won’t be back. Grab their attention while you can.

Your Design Needs CPR!

Your site is responsive with great content, but you only want a refreshed feel to showcase your new outlook and adequately capture your audience’s attention in a way that makes it easy to deliver your message.

Then breathing new life into your website should be the answer for you. Change up your colors, switch your layout, and if you have a theme, tweak it a bit to help your content and images stand out differently.

You can give your site CPR without a total rebuild.

The Rundown

Sometimes you just need a new website because you want to give it one, but other times you need a complete teardown and redesign because your old-fashioned look no longer serves your audience or brand.

Don't do a disservice to your business by leaving your website out of touch with your developing market.

Create an image that helps your brand shine, not get left behind!

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