Website Development & Design Project

J3fe Media

Amazing work deserves an amazing showcase & website. Check out what we did.

Purpose & Objective

Website Development & Design

Visuals are so vital to a dynamic website & this project had all the parts!

Bklyn Custom Designs helped J3fe Media with their WP Development project

Project Description

About client

J3fe Media is a photography business owned by Jay Perry and focuses on Brand, Portrait, Event, Headshots, Maternity, Wedding, & Children photography.

What we did

Bklyn Custom Designs had a responsibility to create a modern, clean site that allowed for simplified bookings by potential clients while still giving the photographer complete control over his calendar.

We created a clean, modern, and functional site for J3fe Media that showed how he pay attention to details while capturing his clients' strength and beauty. Spotlighting his work & maintaining a speedy site was the goal. Accomplished!

Project Details


overcoming problems

We needed to give potential clients the ability to send in their specific dates for photoshoots but allow the photographer to retain complete control over his calendar. This would help minimize the back & forth normally experienced when booking photoshoots.

Custom Client Solutions

Results Showcase

Now that you've got the rundown of the project check out some of the live action of how things turned out. The possibilities are endless – & that's how we like 'em!

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