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Website Remix: Development & Design Project

Mosaic, Inc.

A high energy brand deserves a website that matches.
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Purpose & Objective

Website Remix: Development & Design

The voice of a brand should be amplified, especially on your own platform.

Project Description

About client

Mosaic, Inc. is a book publishing brand with coaching & consulting services owned by Lesley George and focuses on Women empowerment and supporting them to become bestselling authors by publishing their books.

The Mosaic Inc. Website Remix™ wasn't just a makeover; it was a transformation that aligned the website with the brand's essence. Leslie George's vision was brought to life, and the community responded enthusiastically.

Project Details


overcoming problems

Mosaic Inc., a brand dedicated to empowering women, needed a website that reflected their mission and resonated with their community. The existing site was static and didn't capture the essence of what Mosaic Inc. stood for. They sought a dynamic transformation.


what we did

our approach

We partnered with Leslie George, the visionary founder of Mosaic Inc., to execute the Website Remix™. Our approach was clear:
– Develop an innovative and engaging design.
– Ensure user-friendly navigation for their community.
– Create an e-letter sign-up for active participation.
– Optimize speed, cohesiveness, and creative control with WordPress and Elementor.

the transformation

The new Mosaic Inc. website was a visual masterpiece. Vibrant colors, bold imagery, and an intuitive layout immediately drew visitors in. The site effortlessly guided women to the programs and events they needed. The addition of the e-letter sign-up allowed them to stay connected and informed.

the results

  • A website that mirrors the spirit of Mosaic Inc.
  • Increased engagement and participation from their community.
  • Seamless navigation and user-friendly experience.
  • A brand-new online identity that speaks volumes.
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Results Showcase

Now that you've got the rundown of the project check out some of the live action of how things turned out. The possibilities are endless – & that's how we like 'em!

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