Website Redevelopment & Redesign Project

Westchester Black Bar Association

The Westchester Black Bar Association website needed an overhaul. Check out the results!

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Website Redevelopment & Redesign

Overhauling a website can be a daunting feat, but with clear direction it's a rewarding goal to achieve.

Project Description

Westchester Black Bar Association is an organization dedicated to support and provide vital resources to the Westchester legal community.

Bklyn Custom Designs was honored to help provide a modern way for the organization to connect with their current and potential members. Additionally, the new website is another opportunity for WBBA to maintain audience engagement while on-the-go and increase communication through their Social Media platforms.

Project Details

Client Westchester Black Bar Association
Date Spring 2019
Skills Website Redevelopment, Modernization, Responsive Interaction
View Westchester Black Bar Association
Requirements Modernize Website & Develop Responsiveness



Now that you've got the rundown of the project check out some of the live action of how things turned out. The possibilities are endless – & that's how we like 'em!

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