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How To Create Strong Passwords That Keep You Safe Online

updated 2022-10-25
Weak passwords is one reason why so many businesses and individuals are compromised. Learn how you can secure your data and keep your business secure.
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As the world becomes more and more connected, it becomes more important to keep yourself and your personal information safe.

There are a number of ways to keep yourself and your personal information safe online. Make sure to use strong passwords, sign up for security updates, and be aware of the risks associated with online activity.

One of the most important ways to keep yourself safe online is to create strong passwords. Make sure to include at least 8 characters, including at least one number and one symbol. Avoid easily guessed words like your name, birthday, pet, or your address.

What Makes A Strong Password

A strong password is a password that is at least 8 characters long, has at least 1 number, 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, and 1 symbol. A password that meets these requirements is more difficult to crack than a password that only has 8 characters, does not have a number, or does not have a symbol.

A strong password is one that is difficult for someone to guess, and it should be something you don’t easily remember. You can make your password more difficult by adding different characters and symbols to the mix. For example, combine two of the basic characters (e.g. an upper case letter and a lowercase letter), or use a character from a non-alphabetical language.

Make sure to use a different password for every site you visit. This includes not just your personal accounts, but also your work and banking sites. Also, make sure you create strong passwords by using characters that are not easily guessed (like special characters). And don’t forget to change your passwords periodically!

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The Importance of Creating Strong Passwords

A strong password is important for two reasons. First, it helps protect your account from being hacked. Second, a strong password will make it more difficult for someone to access your account if they do manage to hack into it. A strong password should be at least 8 characters long and include at least one number and one letter. It is also important to use different passwords for different accounts.

1. Keeps your information safe

A password is a string of letters and numbers that you use to log in to your account on a computer or other electronic device. It's important to keep your password safe, because if someone else knows it, they can access your account and steal your information. A password manager is a software program that helps you create and remember passwords, so you don't have to remember them all separately.

2. Makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access & steal to your account

One way to make it harder for hackers is to use a strong password. A strong password contains at least 8 characters and includes letters, numbers, and symbols. Make sure to change your password regularly, and never share it with anyone. You can also try using two-factor authentication, which requires you to enter both your username and password into the site or app.

Here are some tips for creating a strong password:

  • Make it unique & hard to guess;
  • Create them with at least 8 characters in length;
  • Use a combination & mixture of lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters;
  • Keep it secretive; and
  • Don't share it with anyone.

How to Create Strong Passwords

Here are a few tips to help you create your new strong passwords:

1. Use a password manager & generator

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with completely unique passwords, especially with so many websites, apps, and devices we log into daily.

A password manager is a great way to keep all of your passwords in one place and easily generate new passwords when you need them. I love using tools like LastPass and Chrome to help ensure that I'm creating unique passwords. Many of these same apps also generate random and unique passwords that you can add a few symbols, uppercase letters, etc. to them for added security.

Switch it up & pay attention when password managers warn you of duplicate passwords and other security risks and take that opportunity to create strong passwords and avoid the cyberattack headaches. For my websites, WordPress has a password generator and security measures in place to notify you and any user when the password is weak and should be strengthened.

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2. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols

As mentioned before, combining different types of characters makes your passwords more difficult to crack. The increased randomness of your password works against a hacker depending on your dependency on “easy-to-remember” tactics.

We often tend to lean towards dates that mean something to us, and we share those dates without thinking via social engineering scams. Be aware of what you share publicly and the familiarity you bring online as these responses work against us too often and lead to security hacks and nightmares.

3. Use a unique password for every site

This is especially important if you use the same password for multiple sites. If someone were to get access to your password manager, they would also have access to all of your other passwords.

Again, password managers are excellent to help you flag and identify where you've duplicated your passwords, and they can help you generate stronger, unique passwords. When you think of the term “unique”, don't stress the individual password, but instead consider the concept that no two websites, apps, or devices should have the same entry key to your data.

If hackers want access, make them work for it rather than serving up your information on a silver platter for them.

Also, hold companies and other business besties accountable for securing your information.

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The Rundown

Using strong passwords is essential for both your safety and security online. It's no longer “cute” to be technology ignorant and requesting information from your clients and users.

As consultants, coaches, speakers, and business owners we have a responsibility to create safety within our systems. We must vet the places we send and bring people to and how we interact with their data.

Remember, use technology to help you, not hinder you. Password managers and generators can be resourceful and let's avoid using them as crutches; instead use them as enhancers to a complete cybersecurity strategy. Create combination of characters to be our passwords and embrace the uniqueness of a different password on every site, app, and device you have access to.

What tips do you have for creating strong passwords? Share with the Brand Misfits Collective in the comments below!

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