Many continue to wonder if following up with customers is essential in business, in particular, online business.

The answer remains a resounding “YES”.

We are all sensitive to when our wishes, dreams, requests, and even demands are not being met. Which is amplified times a billion when money is involved – regardless of the amount.

Keeping this in mind it is easy to see why following up with your audience is vital to any business.

Failure to Communicate

In fact, many business deals fall apart because there is a breakdown in communication and/or no care is given to the audience. When there is a way to not alienate those who look to you in the time of need, it proves favorable to be accessible and alert to your audience's requests.

A simple phone call in a time of unclarity and a tornado of emails can help to retain a loyal audience and build long-time relationships.

Thirsty to Succeed or Just “Thirsty”

Bklyn Custom Designs BCD-Followup-200x300  I, like many of my fellow Solopreneurs, have struggled with not appearing thirsty for clients in a bad way. Most are ready to do what it takes to close a deal, but when does it become a case of desperation? When does one take silence for an answer and move one?

That may have to be up to the individual working to close a business deal. Potential clients can be turned off by a pitchman/woman who just seems too slick or pushy for the deal. Calls every two days or daily emails can be considered obnoxious to customers, so you need to test the waters and find out what works best for your audience and you.

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If you're not great with sales, outsource this part so that you can focus on improving other aspects of your business. However, I do suggest taking on items in your business you may not be fond of every now and then. This will allow you to gain practice in them and help you to overcome your discomfort in them.

The Rundown

Many business owners only interested in a one-off sale falsely believe that there is no need to inquire how an audience perceived as the message, liked a product or service and interacted with the company. These things can help or destroy the chances of a company surviving the Internet waves of interests as well as preserve a brick-and-mortar lifeline.

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