Branding Solopreneurs: The Series

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Just Some Articles From Our Branding Solopreneurs Series

Just Some Articles From Our Challenge Series

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Use Facebook Retargeting to Make Them Subbies

With Facebook advertising that is suddenly a possibility thanks to something called a retargeting pixel. This is a little bit of code that allows you to follow people from your website to Facebook. You can then target them with ads and try to convince them to sign up for your list updates.

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Use A Podcast To Grow Your List

We’ve spoken in a previous article about how you can get on other people’s podcasts to grow your reach and with it, your list. Today we’ll flip it and place our own stank on it as we discuss about why it may be a good idea to start your own podcast as a way to get more subbies.

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Get Your Readers To Grow Your List

We’ve talked a lot so far in this challenge about generating momentum. I didn’t say it in so many words, but anytime I mentioned that this is something you need to do regularly and that it would be more effective the more often you did it, what we were really

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