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Benefits of Being A Guest: Posting to Webinars

updated 2022-01-08
Today I have not one, but 3 powerful strategies you can use to grow your list. They may seem very different, but what all three of them have in common is that they allow you to get in front of the audience
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Today I have 3 powerful strategies you can use to grow your list. They may seem very different, but what all three of them have in common is that they allow you to get in front of the audience someone else has already built and share some awesome content with them.

Along the way, you’ll also share a link back to your opt-in page and invite readers to sign up to learn more from you.

pageWriting Guest Blog Posts

Find a few popular blogs in your niche and see if any of them already accept guest blog posts. If they do, great… start there but, don’t give up on the rest. Approach the blog owner. If you can get to know them on social media, that will often make it easier to get them to accept your guest posts.

It’s also helpful to go ahead and write something that will be of interest to their readers and then send everything to the blogger. You usually get better results this way than asking if it’s ok to write a guest post and then going back and forth via email until you’ve come up with a topic etc.

Just write it and send it their way. Make it easy for them to just copy, paste and publish.

If a blogger doesn’t respond or declines to post your guest post, don’t worry. You can always use the content on your own site, or submit it to a different blog. Once you get a guest post published, share it via social media and do what you can to get it some traction and traffic. The blogger will notice, and it will be that much more likely that you’ll be invited to come back for most guest posts.

Becoming A Podcast Guest

Podcasts are another great way to reach your target audience and you don’t even have to start your own. Instead, make a list of podcasts in your niche and start reaching out to the podcasters. They are often looking for new people to interview and introduce on their shows.

For best results, mention your website, your opt-in offer and your lead magnet during the show and ask the podcaster to include a link and short description or CTA (call to action) in the show notes for this particular episode.

Presenting At A Webinar

In addition to podcasts, there are quite a few people out there who host regular webinars for their audience. Some will be audio only, some will be some sort of presentation or screen share, and some will have you on camera. No matter how the webinar is hosted, it’s a great opportunity for you to share your expertise and get in front of a new audience.

The Rundown

Again, make it your main goal to get people on your list. Create a presentation, share good content and then send it to an opt-in page to claim a complimentary gift. With webinars, it can be helpful to create a dedicated opt-in page and lead magnet that’s closely related to what your presentation is about.

Make it a goal to give each of these methods a try over the coming days and weeks.

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