Use Facebook Retargeting to Make Them Subbies


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Yesterday we talked about testing and tracking and how improving your conversion rate will help you grow your list faster. Let’s say you’ve been working on it and you get 12% of people visiting your website to sign up for your list. That’s great and who knows, your next text might help you bump that up to 12.5%.

The problem is that there are 82% of people who visit your website who aren’t signing up. Chances are they find you randomly via a long tail keyword search or a social media share they come across. They never find their way back to your site for various reasons. What if you could get a second chance at convincing those people to sign up for your list?

Facebook Gives Your Brand Wings

With Facebook advertising that is suddenly a possibility thanks to something called a retargeting pixel. This is a little bit of code that allows you to follow people from your website to Facebook. You can then target them with ads and try to convince them to sign up for your list updates.

You may have experienced this same retargeting yourself. How often have you looked at a new pair of shoes or an electronic gadget online for example?

Then the next few days following, ads for the exact same product follow you all across Facebook and different sites online. Sooner or later you end up clicking that ad (or similar) and buying the product. It was meant to be – thanks to retargeting pixels and your cookies!

Pixels Come In Handy

You can use the same concept and the same technology to grow your own list and sell products and services. Sign up for a Facebook advertising account and get start using retargeting pixels. Implement it on your opt-in pages and as readers land on that page and then go to Facebook, you start to build a custom audience of potential email subscribers.Bklyn Custom Designs Advanced List Building Challenge - Using Facebook Retargeting to Grow Your List

Continually compare that list against people who are signed up for your list (since you don’t want to advertise to them), and create a little ad that invites people to sign up for your list.

Now it will be your ad following these people to Facebook or the coming days. If you have a compelling ad and opt-in offer that they are sure to sign-up. For an added bonus,they’ll sign up with their Facebook email address which is often their primary email.

In fact, if you’re smart, you send them to a dedicated opt-in page where they can sign in with their Facebook logins to join your list. Refer to your autoresponder service documentation on how to do this.

The Rundown

Facebook Retargeting Pixels are a great way to convert more visitors into subbies. It has become one of the most effective ways to use Facebook advertising to grow your list. Just as with any ads, there is a learning curve so dive in and take this time and day to learn more about how they can help you grow your brand effectively.

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